Article Written by Eris Chase

Let’s jump into our way back machine for just a little minute and recall the beauty of the “wet dream”. Part of almost every teenager’s heavily hormonal years was waking up with a satiated feeling courtesy of a solid release while you slept. Sticky sheets aside, not a lot of downside to this milestone of life.

Scientifically known as “nocturnal emission”, we like to think of it as your friendly everyday, very welcomed, and nicely spicy “no-touch orgasm”. Specifically speaking, this means cumming with no direct stimulation of your cock, balls, or anus, and no penetration, so, no stimulation of the prostate either. Sounds a little impossible, but trust us, sweet readers, you can have a touch-free orgasm. And, much like us, they can come at anytime of the day!

So, how does it work?

It’s all about techniques, mindset, and a little experimentation.

Take a Sensation Journey

Start by you or your partner exploring other areas of your body other than your usual focus points. Feel around, and find a few untapped erogenous zones, or a few you usually bypass in favor of the stars of the show. Think some delicious dragged out teasing of your sensitive nipples. How about over stimulation of the perineum? Instead of a fist wrapped like a python around your shaft, how about a precisely directed stream of warm breath? The soft skin between your toes, the crease of your inner thigh, your armpits…. when was the last time you had a tongue bath there? We can already sense your tickle response getting you squirming. Explore and get creative. If it doesn’t lead to the Big O, you still enjoyed the bodily tour.

It’s All In Your Head

It isn’t just creative physical touch in new territories that can lead to a touch-free orgasm. Your powerfully imaginative mind is going to be a big part of unlocking new pleasures.

Find yourself relaxed and let your subconscious take you deep into erotic fantasy. Treat it like a waking dream and go all in on your blissful desires. Have a partner with you? Lean back into their arms and have them whisper their deepest sexual desires of you into your ear. Add in whisper-light fingertip touch to your body and you’ll find yourself drifting toward nirvana. If you need some inspiration for your dream state, read a few paragraphs from a lusty novel or watch a few of your go-to porn scenes. If they usually leave your cock rock hard and throbbing, there is a very good chance that focused thought alone can finish the rest. The brain is, truly, your sexiest and most seductive erogenous zone. Get it in the game.

The Joy Of Trying

While you’re exploring and day dreaming, keep the fun of it at the forefront. Leave stress and frustration behind; this is about experimentation, not about reaching success each time. It may take a few tries to get yourself all the way there, but, I mean… if ever the journey was the destination, this is one of those times. Lean back and enjoy the ride! Remind yourself it’s a challenge to cum this way. And, who doesn’t like unlocking a new achievement in their sexual journey?? It’s an excellent way to redefine the way you see “successful sexual performance” and discover a deeper connection between the mind and body. Give it a twirl, or five!

Free yourself from conforming to the standard, the norm. Be bold and probe a new frontier in gratification. Once you experience it, we hope you add it to your sexiest bag of tricks.

February 15, 2024 — Andrew Christian
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