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Ace Quinn is one of the breakout porn stars of the year and one of the hottest guys to rock our underwear! After working as a professional dancer for T.V. Shows, musicals, the circus and live stage, he made his way into gay porn last year. He said he had some doubts about this move, but when he shot his first scene, it exploded on Twitter. Sounds like fans were exploding from other places too...

It definitely looks like he made a great decision to shoot his first scene because now we can see more of that ripped chest and hot ass in more videos! In our latest porn star exclusive, Ace gave some juicy insight about the porn industry as well as one of his biggest fantasies and what he would like to see underneath his Christmas tree!

Oh, and guess what? He's single...

What is your favorite thing about porn in general?

Traveling and meeting really nice people with goals and dreams.

What does your scene partner need to do for you to keep you really in the moment?

Being real where I can feel a real connection. I like g4p actors, which some of them are really good friends, but there's no connection whatsoever lol, but at the same time, porn is a performance. You're there to deliver the best performance.

What's the most bizarre thing that's happened during a scene?

DON'T READ FOR SENSITIVE HEARTS LOL. I did a DP scene. I kind of ripped open and had to put an ice cube up there. God, it was unpleasant! lol

Is there anything you haven't done on camera yet that you've always wanted to try?

Yes, plenty. One of them being getting gangbanged by hot muscled hung bros and getting all of their cum on me...or in. Just saying this, I get hard...

Are you single?

Very single!

Any naughty Christmas memories?

Actually, Christmas is very family oriented for me. I rarely have sex during holidays. Too much food anyways lol

What do you want to see underneath your tree?

Macbook pro 16"...and Chris Hemsworth

When it comes to presents, do you like to give? Or, would you rather be on the "receiving" end? ;)

I like to give, but I won't complain if I receive a lot! I do love to give it really hard though...

What are your goals for 2021?

Bring my fitness journey to another level, take formations. Start circus again, dancing and teaching when this pandemic is over. TRAVEL!! Meet new people, connect...and more TRAVEL!

How long do you plan on staying in porn?

I really don't know. I had a big depression during all of Covid. Made me think a lot on my life decisions and career choice. Maybe you saw the last of me. Or maybe you didn't ;) I didn't go all out yet, I kept it relatively calm in Montreal. If I keep going, I plan on going all out with it!

How has this pandemic affected your life in the porn world?

One of the worst experience of my life. Not only in porn, but in my life in general. A LOT of questioning, depression and anxiety. But I guess I needed it in order to move forward.

What are your biggest fetishes?

Big legs, pecs, lips. I melt for a cute smile. And if we go deeper, fisting lol

What qualities do you like in a man?

Authentic that doesn't try to be like all the others. But honesty is the most important thing for me. If you lie to me, good luck lol. I'm an open book so don't fuck it up! Sense of humour is also very important.

Favorite sex positions?

Take me doggy, fuck yes! Unusual positions also. But you'll have me cumming everywhere if I look into my partner's eyes while I have sex.

Sucking dick or rimming?

Sucking dick if I bottom. Rimming if I'm about to pound someone really hard LOL.

Favorite spot to cum?

On your face!! Or in your ass and you let it drip out.

Anything else you want to mention?

Yes. I love you all!

December 15, 2020 — Andrew Christian
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