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Blair St. Clair warmed our hearts the minute she entered the Werk Room for Drag Race Season 10. With her classic style, Indiana charm, and graceful manners, she was a breath of fresh air. Getting into drag for the first time as a cast member in the musical La Cage aux Folles right after high school, she went on to cut her teeth winning the Miss Gay Indiana Pageant before becoming a RuPaul girl. Immediately after Drag Race, she would forego the nightclub route most Drag Race girls take and, instead, focused on her singing career putting out an album and two singles that would earn her a place as a multiple chart-topper on Billboard’s Dance chart.

Her brand and look have continued to evolve and her worlds collide as actor Drew and drag persona Blair St. Clair become one for her NYC cabaret debut for Legally Blair, a musical theatre review that will take you on a journey through some of Broadway’s greatest songs & a glimpse at Blair St. Clair like you’ve never seen her before.

We caught up with Blair after rehearsal for this exclusive Andrew Christian chat:

Your drag has gone through many different styles, and we LOVE it! How would you describe your drag style presently?

Presently, I think my drag aesthetic is really reflective of who I am outside of drag, which is more confident, sexy, edgy, and free. I’m showing off a little more skin and really embracing my body recently. It’s been really freeing, especially when there are usually many layers involved in drag.

You moved to New York City this summer…what do you love most about the City, what was the hardest to adjust to?

I LOVE New York, but there are hard things to adjust to. I mean, grocery shopping in general. I have to walk my groceries from the store to my apartment. It’s so much easier in the Midwest when I just had to walk to the car! And public transit can be a nightmare some days, BUT getting to do what I love makes it worth it. Luckily, I also split my time at my house in Indianapolis, so I get to experience both the Midwest and big-city living.

Ok, let’s talk a little Drag Race. What was it about your audition tape that you think the producers loved the most?

I honestly think they were all crazy for casting me when they did. I mean, at the time, I thought I was ready, and I’m glad that confidence got me cast on the show. But I was definitely not ready at the time! I think my tape was just so authentically me -silly, fun, goofy, theatrical, and VERY Indiana. My Indiana folks will know what that means.

How have you changed the most through your Drag Race journey?

I think I’ve grown into myself as a person. I’m still figuring out who I am, but I’m just confident in my skin. I know what I do well and where my strengths lie and I lean into them versus trying to prove to myself or others something that I’m not.

What advice would you give a Queen for their first time on Drag Race?

Go and have FUN! If you get cast, just be you and don’t stress about going home. The producers will send you home when they want to whether you’re great or not. So just be you, do you, and enjoy it while you can!

You have been on fire since your time on the show. With so many talents and opportunities, how do you know what aspect of your career to focus on?

This is hard for me. I have so many passions, and my mind can wander. Sometimes I’m focusing more on acting or singing or doing hair in the salon. I can be a little all over the place because, as a creative, I can get bored. But my number one passion is musical theatre and performing on stage. That’s something I never get tired of. It’s my first love. Maybe that’s why I’m single…because I’m in love with something that can’t love me back. (LOL)

Music is a big part of your life. Who were some of your childhood inspirations? Who are some of your present-day inspirations?

Ahhhh!! I grew up with the oldies! The Beatles, The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Celine Dion. I have so many inspirations today. Too many to count. Maggie Rogers, Sammy Rae and the Friends, Sara Bareilles…I could go on and on.

You are returning to your musical theatre roots for Legally Blair…what do you love most about musical theatre songs?

Now, that’s the hardest question. I love everything. The drama. The storytelling. I love escaping life and getting to tell someone’s story from my point of view. It’s just incredible getting to dive into someone else’s life and get to pretend. I love it.

What did you learn most about yourself through this rehearsal process?

I’ve learned to let go and trust myself more. I’m actually a lot more adaptable than I thought. I’ve never workshopped a show before, which means that pieces can be cut and added and changed daily. Somehow my brain has been great with learning and unlearning the material as it comes. It’s been a fun challenge.

Why are you most excited for audiences to see this show?

I’m really excited for everyone to see me in my most comfortable state but being the most vulnerable I’ve ever been. There’s nothing perfect about performing live, so it breaks down the façade of the curated posts you see on social media and TV. I’m excited for people to really see me for me.

Should we be expecting Blair on Broadway anytime soon?

Fingers crossed. ;)

What show would you most love to star in?

There are too many to count. Here are a few dream roles:

Elle Woods - Legally Blonde; Dawn - Waitress, Karen - Mean Girls, K Howard - Six, Anya - Anastasia, Glinda - Wicked, Roxie - Chicago

What Broadway show do you think needs a reboot?

I’ve said it one hundred times, but I’ll say it again: IT’S TIME TO REVIVE LEGALLY BLONDE. PERIOD.

Ok, let’s talk undies. What kind of underwear do you love most on a man?

Oo! Cute briefs or boxer briefs. I like a guy to walk around casually at home in his underwear. There’s something hot about that.

What kind of undies are you wearing around the house on a day off?

Depends on my day and my mood. I’m usually into briefs. Recently, it’s cute, little trunks.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

Oh, let’s make this happen! Please? They’d be very sleek. All black. Matte. With a very chic waistband. And it would be a whole line that offers options in a thong, jockstrap, briefs, and boxer briefs!

“Legally Blair” comes to New York’s The Green Room 42 on February 2-3. Get tickets here.

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January 29, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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