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Our favorite exports from Puerto Rico are rum, Ricky Martin, and, of course, Drag Race Latina Diva Alexis Mateo. She has set the screen ablaze with her sparkling gowns and fiery personality in Season 3 of Drag Race and Seasons 1 and 5 of All Stars. This holiday season, she is most thankful for her fans and still being able to perform under the COVID regulation safe guidelines in Las Vegas. Her gift to her fans is her hot off the press music video and single Esta Noche, a celebration of hot boys, looking fierce, and werking that body.

Before appearing on Drag Race, she worked at DisneyWorld and was a fierce pageant competitor winning titles at Miss Florida US of A, Miss Florida Latina, Miss Orlando, Miss Central Florida, Miss Lakeland, Miss Waterside, Miss Suncoast, Miss Suncoast America, Miss ASAP, Miss Lakeland America, Miss Orlando Latina, Miss Florida International and Sunshine State All American Goddess. Aye aye aye!

She’s worked hard for her drag success…but love and dating? Well…it’s complicated.

What did you learn most about yourself from doing All Stars this last year?

I learned that I don’t need to win to be a great Drag Queen. I also found out that being older and not having issues with body image was a great feeling. Many things go on in your head before entering Drag Race but going in with self-acceptance is important.

I’m so excited about your new single, Esta Noche! What is it about?

Esta Noche is a reggaeton song that talks about getting ready to go out and look amazing! It celebrates how we love to post on social media when we look amazing and dancing in the club with your besties. It’s a feel-good song.

What part of your culture are you most proud of?

I am proud to Be Puerto Rican right now more than my culture and traditions. I’m really proud of my language. Spanish is home for me, my brain works in Spanish and it’s important to me to use it.

Did you like working at DisneyWorld? Any funny stories from that time?

I love Disney. If I was not a Drag Queen I would still be a Disney cast member. Many beautiful memories there. I had the honor to back up dance for Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Jennifer Holliday, and many more there. But my favorite memory has to be meeting my best friend/mentor Coco Montrese there 20+ years ago. She put me in drag for the first time and we are still best friends.

You have been appearing at Charlie’s during COVID – has that been difficult?

It has been difficult and sad. Going out to perform worrying about my health and others is hard. But I love what I do and I know I can bring happiness to others in this time, so it’s worth it. Charlies is doing a great job keeping everyone safe and happy.

What sets you apart from the other Drag Race girls?

I was a Drag Queen before Drag Race. I do drag because I love it. It’s in my heart. I’m not a “fame hunting” Queen. If you want a passionate entertainer, I’m here!

Who would you replace on Drag Race Vegas?

Oh, shit lol! 😂 I would love to be on that show. They don’t have a Latin Diva representation. I would not replace anyone, but I would add myself in it – lol!

What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?

A boyfriend! My life is so good right now and I am enjoying great peace of mind, but I’m also lonely sometimes so I wish I could meet an honest guy and date him.

What is your love and dating situation like?

I believe in love. But sadly, I’m single right now. It has been hard to find a guy that can see me with relationship potential. Half of the guys see me as a star so they don’t feel enough, and the other half see me as a girl so, it’s complicated!

Do you have any tips on the perfect tuck?

Do it, lol!

What is the shadiest thing you’ve seen off-camera during Drag Race?

The India vs Alexis lie was horrible for me, but seeing the other girls using it to get rid of me was shady!

What is your holiday message to your fans?

You guys are not alone. I’m wishing you a very happy, but safe, Christmas season and an amazing New Year. We will see each other very soon. And thank you for loving me!

What is your New Year’s resolution?

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but I do dream of being a homeowner so, maybe next year!

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

It would be an iridescent jockstrap with a rhinestone crown, duhhhhh!

Check out the video for Esta Noche here!

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December 02, 2020 — Andrew Christian
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