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Gay porn studio Corbin Fisher has been bringing the hot action and the hot boys for almost two decades. All of their models are absolutely gorgeous but it’s hard to talk about Corbin Fisher models and not salivate over one of their most popular, Rocky.

The all-American hot boy next door fantasy, he clocks in at 6 foot and has a very big…personality. He’s filmed just about every scenario and always steals the spotlight whether he’s on top or bottom. He looks like he’s never missed a day in the gym, loves threesomes, and has been an exhibitionist since the beginning. In addition to his great looks and on-camera abilities, he’s a charmer and a sweetheart. Did we mention he has a big…personality?

We caught up with Rocky in between scenes as we chat about his career, working with Corbin Fisher, and, of course, underwear!

What inspired you to get into the adult film world?

I love making others happy! I knew I wanted to get into adult entertainment to turn fans on and give them something fun and hot to watch, and that's also why I've kept doing it - the fans seem to love it, we get great feedback and responses to the scenes, and it's loads of fun.

What do you love most about filming with Corbin Fisher?

I've been with CF since 2016, so that tells you how much I love filming with them. Each shoot is a lot of fun, they treat me and the other models great, and the experience of working with them has been amazing. A lot of the other guys I've worked with have become really good friends, as well.

When did you first realize you were, um, bigger than the other boys?

I realized I was packing because friends would joke about it and say things like, "What are you feeding that thing!?". That was my first clue. Then as I started filming with CF and seeing other guys' dicks and having them all comment on it or seeing their reactions when I'd film scenes with them, that also was a big hint.

What do you love most about being uncut?

People say it makes your dick more sensitive but really it's all I've ever known so I can't say much about that. But by far most of the guys I've been with at CF have been cut, and I've even had some scene partners comment on how mine is the first uncut dick they've experienced. So it helps me feel a bit unique and exclusive!

What are some hobbies/talents you have outside of filming adult content?

I love working out and love playing pretty much any sport I can. But my favorite activity is camping and getting out into nature, the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wilderness. I do that as much as possible, all year round.

Were you nervous filming your first scene?

I actually wasn't really nervous at all, so I knew from that moment this was the right job for me!

Have you always been a showoff?

Definitely. I love working out because I'm a fitness junkie but also love showing off and having people admire my body. I've been told my physique kind of steals the show sometimes, and I love when I come to film at CF and the crew or other models will comment on how I'm even more built or toned or cut than the last time they saw me.

How do you unwind after a day of filming?

They have an amazing gym for us at CF so before and after scenes, I'm working out with the other guys. Working out is my favorite way to unwind, and what's fun about doing it at CF is I'm working out with the other guys and having fun doing it and making great memories and having a good time while staying fit!

What is your favorite position to film?

I love doggy style. I feel in charge and in control.

What kind of scene do you want to film next?

I always look forward to threesomes. There's just so much going on, there's something so hot about it because you're having sex while also watching and being watched at the same time, with endless possibilities and positions. So I'm hoping CF puts me in a bunch of threesomes next!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Lady Gaga. Love her!

What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone?

Pretty traditional stuff! Bought them a bunch of roses, wined and dined them at Red Lobster because any CF fan who's seen some of my interviews before knows I love Red Lobster, and then followed all that up with a night of amazing sex!

What kind of underwear do you wear around the house on a day off?

A lot of Versace trunks and briefs, and don't tell anyone but some of the Andrew Christian underwear we've shot photos in at CF might have somehow ended up in my luggage when I flew home!

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

I love bright colors, so if I were to design some Andrew Christian underwear I'd love to make a kind of cotton candy color gradient with baby blue underwear with pink stitching.

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June 12, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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