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Though Evan West is the new kid on the block, he’s already filmed with industry favorites like Cade Maddox, Jax Thirio, and Dallas Steele. Representing the Latino community in the adult film world, he is a bundle of fiery passion, has a great ass, and a great big…personality. He’s a genuine flipper, comfortable on top or bottom. He’s a total sweetheart in person, but he definitely has a naughty side. He loves showing off, he loves his daddies, and he loves some kink in the bedroom.

Gaining a fast audience on Fan sites, he is also filming studio work. He brings a different energy and look to the adult film world, and we are ready. Latinos on fire! We chatted with Evan about his porn crush, his love of orgies, and…Kevin Costner? LOL…yes!

Have you always been an exhibitionist?

Absolutely, I am not shy. As a kid, I hated the restriction of clothes. I feel so liberated being without clothes and showing my best assets. The only thing I wear while naked is a harness for a little flair.

Tell us about the first time you performed in front of the camera.

I have two instances – one for Onlyfans and one for a studio. They were both amazing! My Onlyfans shoot went amazing…I didn’t know how comfortable I would be in front of the camera but when the camera started rolling, I felt so natural and did not disappoint. My studio experience was similar- all the guys on set made me feel so comfortable and vice versa... if you know what I mean? (wink wink)

You have filmed with a lot of hot guys already, but who is on your bucket list to film with?

Sharok definitely would be a pleasure to work with. Not only does he embody overall sex appeal, but, from an outside perspective, he generates energy beyond words. It would be amazing to meet him.

What is your favorite kind of scene to film?

Surprisingly enough, an orgy scene! Being able to show off what you got with multiple hot men from flip fucking and being spit roasted - I love being passed around!

How is your sex life most different than what we see on camera?

There are certain things that I have not captured on film. I’m into kink so my personal life has fewer restrictions. I enjoy it a lot.

What is your favorite position to film in?

Missionary is my favorite. Being able to face my partner knowing he’s enjoying every part of my body makes me feel so good. I’m a pleaser and I love seeing that.

What are your favorite parts about being in the adult industry?

Being able to connect with many people from producers, directors, and stars. I learn so much and try to apply what I’ve learned in future projects.

What are some outside hobbies or talents you have that we would be surprised to learn?

Well, I get instant gratification from making other guys feel satisfied. One way I do that is by giving massages - being able to release those stressors makes them feel good and thrills me.

What kind of underwear are you wearing around the house on a day off?

I don’t wear underwear. I freeball it there’s no point to restrict myself.

What kind of underwear on a guy turns you on the most?

Jocks straps! Being able to see their nice ass on display, teasing me, gets me so turned on.
Who is your celebrity crush?
Kevin Costner. I have a type as you can tell, and his swagger is so hot.

What is your #1 sex tip?

Communication. You can’t know what the other person wants, you have to vocalize it.
What is the last TV show you binge-watched?
Currently watching The Last of Us. I enjoy a thriller and it’s the perfect way to cuddle up.

How can a guy impress you the most?

A guy being his authentic self wins me over hands down.

What do you want most out of your film career?

I want to fulfill a fantasy for an audience that has yet to find someone like me. I’m different and I feel I provide a tangible fantasy.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

A jockstrap in highlighter blue with an additional strap to support my ass. Blue commands power and this jockstrap would say it for me.

You can check out Evan’s NSFW content on Twitter.

January 27, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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