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Big Billy wants to play, but Little Billy just won't stand up straight and participate? Hmm, that’s a bummer. For any man, gay or straight, having a problem getting a boner is kinda end-of-the-world type of drama. Especially if the guy is in his sexual prime! And even more so if he has a willing partner, who’s looking forward to some action in bed!

There might be any number of reasons why this is happening, or rather say, why this is NOT happening, and they can vary from serious physical issues to having too many drinks before intercourse. So if you're worried about your cock’s shitty performance last time you tried to have sex, don’t rush out to buy a penis pump just yet! Check out our list of possible reasons first and see if it’s any helpful.

You just don’t really want to fuck this guy

Men tend to think their cocks have a life of their own, and will perform to the best of their ability no matter who the sexual object is, whether you like the guy or not. But sex is much more complicated than that. If you are with a sex partner who’s as hot as a cover boy, but there’s something about him that frustrates you on a subconscious level, don’t blame your penis for having a hard time getting hard. Sex must happen in your head first before it happens for real.

The same problem may occur not only with some short-term partner, but also with your long-term one. Once you would get a boner only by looking at him peeling potatoes for the beef stew. But now, the dynamic between you two has drastically changed and sex is not the same anymore. Falling out of love with your boyfriend can badly affect your sex drive and ability to get turned on.

What gets you high may bring your cock down

Booze and recreational drugs may be mood enhancers, but they can be also boner busters. Luckily, tequila-induced softness is а non-permanent condition and your penis will be good to go as soon as you can once again count backwards from 20. With the drugs, though, things can get quite serious. It’s a well-known fact that the hard stuff like meth, cocaine, opiates and so on, can cause lasting sexual problems. And if you think that weed is just a harmless way to enjoy the music of Sigor Ros and Radiohead to the fullest, we have some news for you. Pot can cause anxiety around sex and affect your performance in bed (in an embarrassing way!). Even prescribed drugs, like Valium or high blood pressure medicines, can make it difficult to reach orgasm. And be extra careful around anti-depressants - the bastards can impede both getting an erection and maintaining it.

Too much porn can kill the buzz

Do you remember the 2013 movie Don Jon? Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was so addicted to masturbating to porn that at some point he couldn’t get a hard-on for Scarlett Johansson in the flesh! It’s not just a myth that watching too much porn makes it difficult for one to get aroused when having sex with an actual human being. The fact is your brain becomes so used to that specific type of visual sexual stimulus that it wouldn’t react to another another one, i.e. a real-life partner, the same way.

Stress must be less if you strive for cock progress

Of course, you don’t have a magic wand you can just wave with a gracious gesture of the wrist, say the magic words and make all the stress and exhaustion disappear.

Nowadays, stress is the most common cause for having a burnout. And the negative effects of this psychological condition can viciously attack every aspect of your life - your family, your social and your sexual life.

What if it’s physical?

It could be, yes. But in this case, you must see a doctor. And a real one, not one of those fakes on PornHub who pretend to perform a prostate check on a patient! High blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal issues, heart disease, and other medical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction.

If we have made you freak with this last one, let us tell you how to check if the problem is physical or it’s all in your head. Wrap a paper ring around your cock before going to bed. A ring of 4-5 stamps should do the job just fine. If the ring is broken in the morning, it means you’ve passed the impotence test. Fun fact: This simple test was invented in 1979 by John Barry in collaboration with two fellow physicians. 40 years later, the three of them were awarded the Nobel Prize for Reproductive Medicine! Boners truly are an amazing thing...

June 05, 2020 — Andrew Christian
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