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Having issues in the bedroom when it comes to well, time? It happens to most but it’s still something not everyone likes to talk about. Missy wasn’t fucking around when she called out those one-minute men, but luckily there are ways to extend your dick game for the better. Let’s stop wasting what little time you have at the moment and get to it because honey, quick sex is doing nothing for you but making those who are fucking you upset.

Condoms Rose, Condoms!

One of the most iconic lines to ever leave the lips of our dearly departed Bea Arthur held so much truth in this scenario. Condoms aren’t just smart when it comes to staying safe, but are also helpful in other areas. They take a pinch of the sensation away that comes with skin on skin contact, therefore allowing your body and mind to keep the experience going longer.

Pump It Up

We’re not saying you have to pull a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and workout at all hours of the day in a lavish home gym. All we’re saying is that working out can and will benefit your sexual prowess in the long run because of all that endurance you’ll have built up. Another aspect of working out that you may want to consider if this is an issue for you is pelvic floor exercises. Hey, women have their Kegels - men can do pretty much the same to strengthen their southern hemisphere for game time.

Pump the Breaks

If you get overly excited and right to the fucking point when fucking, you’re going to blow not only your load all at once but all your steam. Be like a tortoise and know that slow and steady does indeed help win the race. Add foreplay into the mix, and don’t dive into anything too wild right away. Ease on down the road into the act and you’ll have your partner screaming encore! Encore!

Practice Makes Perfect

What’s that they say? You have to do something like 10,000 hours before you master it? So hey, don’t let finishing the race early deter you from trying to take another lap, and another, and then perhaps one more before the night ends. Being that sex is like a workout (only way more fun and hotter), you may just have to train your dick to run a marathon and not sprint, and that may take some time and not be an overnight miracle.

Get Creative

While easily having more sex may solve your issue, you may be thrown back to square one if all you ever do is the same routine every single time. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with it and really push your boundaries. You just may find that perhaps what you were doing was the problem, and a new position is the answer.

Make a Plate

Diet affects so many aspects of our lives, so your quickies may also be the result of what you’re putting into your body. Spicy foods have been known to help with sexual endurance, as well as foods that are rich in potassium such as bananas, carrots, and tomatoes. So make a fuck fest grocery list and get to shopping.

Jerk It

Masturbating is how we learn so much about what we like and don’t like, but it’s also where we learn about pacing. If you’re basically The Flash when it comes to getting yourself off, that’s definitely impacting things when you involve someone else. Take time out of the day for some self-care in the form of jerking off and reprogram your dick to be able to make things last a hell of a lot longer when a partner is around.

March 10, 2021 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips