Every day it seems like there is a new article about this and that concerning COVID-19. Because the reality is, there is still so much we do not know about it, and that is fucking scary, but we all have to keep thinking as positive as Rachel Berry during Nationals. Here is the thing though, while various government heads have plans to reopen this and move forward with that, there has been very little talk about how we move on after this personally, and if we are being frank, sexually. The Wall Street Journal recently put out an article about COVID-19 popping up in patients' sperm, but before you freak the fuck out - they are not sure this can be transmitted sexually. So nothing to worry about at the moment. It is just a new piece of information swirling about for us to tuck into our bag of worries for the future, but speaking of...what will the future look like? More importantly, the world of fucking? Will masks be a commonality in the bedroom? How about taking temperatures as foreplay? Somehow trying to fuck while six feet apart? You may think we are joking, but we are interested in how the world of sex will resume after all of this. It is a basic human pleasure and we are just concerned with how it will work post-COVID-19. Right now many have put their dating (hooking up) apps on hold because we have been told to only hang tight with those we share a home with. So if the dude you met on the app does not happen to live in the room next to yours and is not on your lease, there is no way he should be in your home for anything, and vice-versa. This is something the heteros are facing as well. We are truly Wildcats right now, and all in this together. But back to sex and when the fuck we will be able to go about having it with strangers for a night and then ghosting them… At first, as the world slowly starts to resume its regular programming, sex is going to be weird for those who are taking all of this seriously because while there is no evidence this can be spread through fucking - we do know that it is highly contagious. Being in the same room, let alone swapping spit with someone before, during, and after the fucking will put you at risk even if your partner is asymptomatic (showing no symptoms at the time). So when the dark cloud that is COVID-19 starts to clear, you are going to have to be more careful than before about who you let in and around your home and private areas. Instead of asking them to send a dick pic, you are going to have to ask if they have been taking stay at home precautions if they have traveled in the past few weeks, what is their temp, do they have a bottle of disinfectant wipes to make sure their toys are clean as fuck? Things that are far from the usual pre-hookup banter. Those questions though, when this all starts to ease, are going to help you through. They will ease your mind a bit because I know most of us will still be on high alert for a bit. Do not worry though, once the world is back to normal and this weird time in history is over, humans will do what they have always done; forget and move on. Only then will hooking up be back to normal. Until then, do not be stupid, do not rush, and do be cautious.
May 12, 2020 — Andrew Christian