Living with straight men as your roommates. Holy shit, can you imagine? Is that some deep circle of hell, or would it.. actually kinda fine? Some of you may be imagining that this situation would be doomed for spectacular failure, but I am here to tell you that there’s no reason why the gays and the straights can’t coexist, even within one domicile. Oil and water not! But... there still is a chance for potential disaster. So, here’s what you need to know before moving in with a straight roommate. The first thing you need to understand is that the success of this living arrangement is really going to depend on you. Odds are, most hip young straight guys looking for roommates in big cities are going to have no problem whatsoever peacefully living with you. He probably won’t freak out if you bring your boyfriend over once and awhile. In fact, you’ll probably get along swimmingly with him, and he’ll appreciate you as a potential gay-wingman. He’ll probably happily accept your gayness and even playfully tease you ever now and then. However, herein lies the potential danger. The straight men does not know how what a tinderbox this situation is.
via GIPHY Under no circumstances can you fall in love or lust with your straight roommate. Despite how he many tease you by walking out of the shower naked or asking your opinion about his body--in his mind this is innocent playfulness. You must reassure yourself that hooking up is off limits, an impossibility. You don’t want to upset the equilibrium by coming on to him, even in the slightest. Real talk, we call straight men “straight” because they’re not attracted to other men. So there’s a VERY high chance that he’s also not attracted to you, despite what you may believe based on watching porn. Hooking up with your roommate can be hot in a fantasy, but can fuck up your living situation in real life. Tread with caution. So basically, yeah, it comes down to: can you keep it in your pants? In theory, there’s no reason why gays and straights can't live together in a symbiotic relationship. Just try to keep your thirst levels manageable, okay?
August 27, 2019 — Andrew Christian