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Looks can certainly be deceiving. At first glance, Luke Truong looks like the biology student he is…youthful, innocent, and full of energy. Well, he’s not that innocent. Most recently nominated for Best Bottom by the GayVN awards, he has been steaming up the scene with his Fans content as well as his new studio work. He knows his way around the bedroom, or any locale, really, and can go from mild to wild in a matter of seconds. He’s good on top or on the bottom and has already filmed with the big ones…big names, that is.

He stopped by for this Andrew Christian exclusive to chat for our rapid-fire set chatting coming out, sex tips, and his New Year Resolution:

What first got you interested in getting into the adult industry?

I have always watched porn and, tbh, I just ended up doing it because I was horny, lol!

What is your coming-out story?

I came out at 14 but I knew I was different when I was 8. I came out as bi at 14 when a group of my friends was at Petco looking at fish and I just yelled out, “I’m Bi!!!”

How is the sex you have on-camera most different than the sex you have in real life?

It's not very different, but I do enjoy sex off-camera a lot more.

What is your favorite part of filming a scene?

It’s meeting people behind the camera and just having fun and trying things I'm not as comfortable with.

How do you unwind after filming a scene?

Ohhh, I eat!!!!

What are the best sex tips you can share?

Never be afraid to ask your partner what feels good and what doesn't.

What other hobbies do you have?

I love going off-roading, reefing, scuba diving, and camping. Anything outdoors that turns into an adventure!!!

What is your New Year Resolution?

Keep being happy, and maybe become a DJ.

Do you think diversity and inclusion are getting better in the adult industry?

With Twitter and how porn is very much different now, representation is more common but I think we still have a lot of work to do.

What do you want most from your adult film career?

It's just to make ends meet, but I do love how I can represent diversity and be a role model for some people.

What is the perfect 1st date for you?

Going somewhere remote with no one around and watching the sunset and appreciating the natural sounds of nature.

What do love and dating look like for you now?

I fall hard and fast, but I’d rather be happy and single and if the person comes, great!!!

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christians, what would they look like?

I would put cute animals on them like earthworms or platypus.

You can follow Luke on IG: @LukeXTruong

January 19, 2022 — Andrew Christian
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