One of the sexiest parts of a woman’s wardrobe is the bra, and it does not even matter if you got itty-bitty titties or ginormous-ass boobs either. Bras are sexy as fuck and everyone knows it. Here is the thing though, there really are not any on the market for boys or those who identify as male? Rude, right? Lingerie and sexy wear should be for everyone! Thankfully, Andrew Christian has just unveiled the latest addition to their always dynamic clothing selection, the Sexy Lace Boy Bra. The Sexy Lace Boy Bra is just what it says. It is a bra that is one part sexy, one part lace, and made especially for genderqueer folks. With the sheer lace front and the glitterati band, it is a dream come true for those out there who used to wonder why their mom and sisters got to have something pretty and sexy on their chests, while theirs were left bare. One of the newest items available on Andrew Christian, we’re sure this one will sell out fast because hello - it’s something many of you have been waiting for. Those who haven’t, it’s time to discover just how much sexier your chest area can be accentuated with a lace bra made just for you! And in case you’re wondering this is void of all that nonsense like wires and padding. This Sexy Lace Boy Bra is made with you, comfort, and sex in mind. The Sexy Lacy Boy Bra comes in two sizes, and pairs beautifully with everything from jeans to booty shorts to absolutely nothing at all. Make sure to post those pics when you order though because we want to see just how great you look in lace! Grab one here before they're gone!
July 01, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Hot Product