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Nic Sahara’s last name is apt…seeing one of his award-winning scenes or following his social media posts leaves you dry and thirsting for more. Despite the tattoos, the high sexual energy, and naughty smile, he is one of the sweetest boys in the industry and he’s looking for love.

He’s co-starred with about every name in the biz, and he’s filmed every genre from romance to raunch, but the one role he is yearning to play in real life is that of the boyfriend. With all of the noise, social media, and misconceptions that can fill the adult industry, he is a sincere and down-to-earth guy. He’s someone you can work out all of your deepest fantasies with, but also someone you can take home to mom.

He stopped by to give us this Andrew Christian exclusive and shared some intimate thoughts from his life beyond the camera:

You were an actual jock in school, did you ever get teased because of your sexuality?

Haha, I guess you could say that I was a jock but also very much in tune with my nerdy side. I can’t say I was teased too badly, we all know the whole casual banter that comes with being a jock, but being that I kept my private life to myself, I didn’t hear a whole lot.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

People often see me and think I’m stuck up. I am actually super nice. When people meet me I am quiet, and maybe that’s because I am trying to see how to approach the other person. I never want to put myself or another person in a position that makes either one of us uncomfortable, I am genuinely nice and never have any ill intent behind anything I do.

Is it true you served in the military? How was that experience?

I did actually serve in the military, it was probably the one thing I am most embarrassed about. Looking back on it, though, I got what I needed from it, I feel like it taught me the life lessons I needed to help shape the man I am today.

You are a bit of a romantic…what is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

Oh, I am such a romantic at heart! I love the thoughtful things that come along with being in a relationship! I will say that none of my exes have ever really done anything romantic for me, they were really not that type of men to think of that kind of stuff; which is such a shame because had they been more thoughtful we would be having a very different conversation

What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone else?

Like I mentioned before, I love the small thoughtful things in a relationship. In my last relationship, I bought him a dozen roses every Friday the whole time we were together. Every week I would buy the flowers, arrange them, and hand-deliver them to his office as I would pick him up to go to dinner.

What is the biggest red flag that you don’t ignore when starting to date someone?

I can’t ignore any red flags when it comes to dating. I have always found that a single red flag is enough to tear me up when the relationship ends. And it’s not that I would be so upset at the person displaying the red flag, I would be more disappointed at myself for allowing that red flag to fly right in front of my face as it was the single most reason to end the relationship. Ghosting is a huge issue in today’s age. I feel like if you don’t have the balls to tell me that you're just not into me, then you don’t need to be in any aspect of my life… I have a ZERO TOLERANCE for being a coward and that, in my opinion, is being the biggest coward.

Have you ever dated a fan?

Haha! No, I have to say that when it comes to dating fans (should I be attracted to one), I feel like all they would do is talk about my work and, while I am super proud of my work, I know that there is much more to me than my work. I guess I feel like my life outside of my work would probably be a little disappointing to a “fan” and besides, I don’t ever see people as “fans” I see them more as extended friends.

What is your favorite position to film a scene in?

Well I can tell ya bottoming is not my specialty and I am absolutely no Armond Rizzo, Dominic Pacifico, or Ace Quinn, but I can try my best to hold my own in that department. I also may not be a Rocco Steele, JJ Knight, or Boomer Banks in size, but I feel like it hits where it needs to… all of the guys I have mentioned above have taught me in one way or another about making filming look good and effortless while not putting so much stress on the body. Don’t be a lazy bottom and don’t be a violent top!

What is something you do in the bedroom that you don’t do on camera?

Oh, this is a hard one! I think I have done so much on camera! I feel like most of the time when I am on camera it’s much more about sex, when I am in the bedroom I am much more intimate and passionate. I want to be so energetically interlinked with my sexual partner; when he breathes, I breathe. I feel the energy of his heart beating and when we touch we get goosebumps

Who is your celebrity crush?

Always and forever will be Ricky Martin… I don’t really ever get star struck with anyone but I would definitely be so lost for words should I ever meet him… I may Fangirl out on him!

You are verse…if you had to pick one position better – top or bottom?

Both have their good parts! I am kind of weird when I bottom. I hate the actual act of bottoming. However, the feeling after getting pounded out real good is what I am after! I think for bottoming it takes me trusting the person. I am much more likely to bottom for someone that I’m in a relationship with than a hook-up.

How did you come up with your porn name?

Well, one day I was playing Laura Croft Video Games and as she was in the Sahara desert I thought to myself “that would be a cool name!” Think about it - it’s hot and it keeps the boys thirsty for more!

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christians, what would they look like?

I have always loved anything that sparkles… so I would have to say it would be something very similar to the Victoria Secrets Million Dollar Bra (just not a bra). I mean think about it… it puts to rest the saying “where the sun don’t shine!”

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October 12, 2021 — Andrew Christian
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