Eddie Ceetee wasn’t always the master dom we know him as. Before becoming a porn star, he described himself as an “innocent curious guy” who was working as a bartender and finishing college in Boston. He wasn’t quite sure what the next step in his life would be. For a while, he considered becoming a middle school teacher... but as it turns out he chose to fuck asses instead. This gorgeous piece of meat knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s about to pound an ass. It shows in every one of his videos. And it’s been that way ever since he got into porn at 25-years-old. Now he loves showing off his ripped chest and beautiful ass for the camera. Check out the latest exclusive with Eddie as he gushes over porn life, his delicious ass and why he doesn’t like to meet guys until the fucking starts! What made you want to become a porn star? I was always intrigued by the idea, but I didn’t want to do it until I was sure being a middle school teacher wasn’t what I really wanted to do. When I was sure about that, I pursued it. What was it like getting started? Awkward? Or did you already know what you were doing? To be honest, it was very easy. I topped for my first scene, I wasn’t nervous at all. I had great chemistry with my scene partner and I was turned on by the idea of being filmed. What is it about being a porn star that you love the most? What I loved the most about it is being held up on this pedestal by fans as their sexual fantasy. It really turns me on knowing people all over are watching me having this idea of who I am to them. Any particular scenes you've done that really stand out for you? The scenes I did when I first started doing porn are probably the ones that stand out the most because the way I felt is so memorable because it was something new. I was doing a new adventure filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Where do you get all that energy to constantly fuck like a beast? Plenty of sleep and the build-up! What advice do you have on being a power top? I don’t consider myself a power top, but it’s not about just shoving your dick in someone. You have to work it and open them up first so they can enjoy it too. How about being a power bottom? Learning to relax. That’s the biggest thing. I never enjoyed bottoming at first because I could never get myself to fully relax so it always hurt. Having a partner you're comfortable with also plays a big role. Are you more of a blowjob man or a rimjob man? Blowjob hands down. How can a guy satisfy you while he's sucking your cock? Lick my balls for sure and use your hand! Favorite positions? Doggy. What is the sexiest thing your scene partner can do for you? I honestly don’t like to meet my scene partner before the scene. I like the whole stranger effect. That’s also beneficial on camera because the scene will seem more real. Based on your videos and Instagram pics, you seem to have a thing for jock straps and sexy underwear. What is it about them that turns you on? I am more of a thong guy, but I do like jocks straps as well because they give a nice lift and easy access to my hole. How do you get your ass to look so perfect? When you use it, it grows! I do a lot of butt exercises, my leg day revolves around my butt and I eat a lot. When I gain weight, that’s where I see it first. What's a fun fact about you that fans might be surprised to hear? At this point I feel like my fans know most things about me, but I feel like what is interesting is that I wasn’t born in the United States. And when I moved here I didn’t know any English. What do you have to say to your audience who can't stop fantasizing about you cumming all over their faces? I’d like to tell them to start fantasizing about cumming on my face! Anything else you'd like to mention? Subscribe to my fan pages for my homemade content! Onlyfans.com/eddyceetee Justfor.fans/eddyceetee
January 15, 2020 — Andrew Christian