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You may recognize RC (Ryan Carter) and his husband Digger’s faces, or other body parts, from appearances in some of your favorite adult film stars’ fan content. Their sweet personalities and sexy bodies have made the dynamic duo a favorite team to work with. And though they may seem like consummate on-camera performers, they came to the business on a whim, after an invite from one of their friends to appear in one of their scenes. They filmed, and the rest is history. They have filmed with every type of guy in every type of scenario – duo, threesome, foursome, or moresome – they always steal the show.

Ryan (RC) is completely versatile and has performed in more than 400 fans videos in every possible position. He has furthered his involvement in the adult industry by appearing in studio work - his first studio scene was bottoming for legendary top stud Drew Sebastian in “Lost Dads” by Pantheon Productions. He has also done many studio movies and scenes for Iconmale, NastyDaddy, Treasure Island Media, BarebackThatHole, and Raw Fuck Club. Both Ryan and his husband Digger have been nominated for multiple adult entertainment awards (GayVN, Grabbys, Cybersocket), including Favorite Daddy, Best Sex Scene, Favorite Newcomer, and Favorite Fans Performer. They most recently garnered Fleshbot Award nominations for Best Social Media Presence and Best Fansite Presence – they are the power couple of the adult world.

Having an open relationship was talked about early on in the relationship and, because of that honest communication, their on-screen work has only strengthened their bond – a bond that exudes passionate chemistry that is palpable.

They stopped by to chat about the art of having an open relationship, their on-screen work, and more in this Andrew Christian exclusive:

How did you two meet?

We met at a Christmas party 2 years before we started dating. I was married to someone else, but I felt this really strong connection to Digger right from the beginning. We connected in line waiting for the bathroom. Which sounds so trashy…but if you know us, it makes perfect sense for who we are. Right from the beginning, the connection was powerful, kind, and very sexually intense. We were really into each other. The next day I told him I wouldn’t be able to continue because it would interfere with my marriage. Two years went by and we ran into each other at a restaurant. By that time my marriage had ended and I was single. So, we went on our first date that night to, of all places, Motherlode. We had a blast together. It was like those 2 years never happened.

What first attracted you to the other?

Initially, it was physical, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other’s zipper! But what we really bonded on was our HIV status and being activists in the community. We both believe in building a strong community and we have so many shared values as a result of our life experiences.

When did you have the "open relationship" talk?

Believe it or not, we talked about it on our 3rd date. I told him I needed to talk to him. He thought, “Oh shit, that didn’t take long to get handed my walking papers!” It was actually the opposite. I told him I really could see us developing a wonderful relationship, but I wanted to be sure we were moving towards similar goals. I blurted out, “I want an open relationship. Monogamy don’ts work for me. I’ve been in a don’t ask/don’t tell marriage and I hated it. I was to be in a completely open and honest relationship, where we can share our adventures, both together and apart. If you won’t want that, just be honest and we’ll be good friends, but not partners.” He thought about it for a few minutes, took a deep breath, and said “I wasn’t sure at first if you were trying to trick me, but I’m going to answer my truth. I, too, want an open relationship. It’s something I’ve secretly always wanted but never knew it was possible.” We’ve been open ever since that 3rd date talk.

What mistakes do couples make in having an open relationship?

The two biggest errors are not being honest and failing to communicate. These are both cornerstones of every relationship, but an open relationship can’t function without both of these. Examples of these are failing to say ‘I don’t like XYZ which is a set up for resentment. And the second is failing to share about a hookup/adventure you had. That decision to withhold can and will often be interpreted as cheating.

Can you describe your first threesome as a couple?

Our first 3way was actually a 4way with another couple. We were both so nervous because neither of us had ever done something so out in the open and with our partner. It was both thrilling and terrifying. About 45 minutes of small talk between us - cuz NO ONE knew how to pull the trigger - we finally all jumped on each other in the kitchen and ravaged each other to no end. It was one of the best sexual experiences we both had ever had. When it was over and we got to our car, we both just looked at each other and went at it again, fucking like rabbits in the front seat of our SUV. It was wild!

How did you get into filming your own adult content?

We were guest stars on our friend’s fans pages. This was the dawn of the fans pages and no one knew what they were or the impact they would come to have. After a few ‘guest’ appearances on these pages, a few big pornstars took notice of us and they reached out to film with us. These two people, Jack Mackenroth and BigCMen, were dominating the fans pages at the time and they basically put us on the map. We credit them with launching our careers and giving us crucial advice that made a huge difference in our success.

What was filming your first scene like?

I filmed my first scene as a 5 way with Jack Vidra and I was adamant about not filming my torso and face. When the video came out, all you could see was me from the waist down, which is what I asked for. But it looked ridiculous., like half a person. I decided at that moment, if I’m going to do this, then I’m going to own it and do it all the way. And I have. I never did a half-assed scene like that again. And here we are! lol.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have with couples in an open relationship?

That we don’t have a ‘real’ relationship; that we are just acting like we’re married, but we don’t have true intimacy; that an open relationship is a sexual free-for-all; that we aren’t really honest with each other about what we’re ‘really’ doing; that we have some kind of commitment problem; that we have an intimacy problem.

How do you keep the spark alive while having so much on-camera sex?

What you see us do on camera is *really* how we have sex. I think that’s why our content is so popular. We are inviting people into our sexual lives and what they end up seeing is an honest experience between men who love each other and yet, still are capable of being sexually adventurous. Digger and I have so many adventures together and we’re curious people by nature, so we find that our sex never gets boring or stereotypical (same thing over and over). This is probably the single biggest reason, 7 years in, we’re still humping each other.

How much sex are you having off-camera?

It really depends on how much we’re filming in a week. If we shoot 3 scenes in a week, we’re probably boinking 3-5 times off-camera during that week. But if we’re not filming too much, then we’re sexually active almost daily….which includes each other and other people.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christians, what would they look like?

I love black and yellow together. Andrew Christian is a master at cut and shape, which really accentuates my bulge and ass. So, I would design a pair of fitted black briefs with yellow accents and use those colors and the AC fit to bring out my bulge, curves, and swells.

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November 01, 2021 — Andrew Christian
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