Article written by Kendra Beltran

Let’s be real for a minute, guys who are fuck boys are not the well, most established individuals. Yes, they can and often are a wide array of ages but the fuck boy mentality is somewhere between 18 and 22, and we all know what men in that age range live like. It is like a fraternity house 24/7. Posters on the wall like they are a boy band fangirl in 1999, a futon that is most definitely been broken for longer than a month, and no actual plates to be found. Paper or plastic for them! We are here to discuss the small decor details that let you know the second you walk into a guy’s home if they are a fuck boy, or actually grown enough to handle a relationship.

Framed Art

I cannot stress this enough, you are not mature in the least if you have a poster on your wall that is kept up by tape and/or thumbtacks. That is something you do not do when you have your life together. A man who has no regard for the art in his home, the walls that make up his home - cannot have any regard for the people in their life. So if you see they have gone the extra mile to frame their art, then you know they will take the extra time with you.

Real Couch

I am going to only let a futon slide if I know they are working on stepping up in the future. That is it. If you know they are on a budget, okay, but if you know this guy has a legit job and still cannot be bothered to invest in even a basic ass couch from that Swedish store we all know and love, then hell no. Walk right up out that door.

Actual Bed Frame

Now, I grew up in a town that was riddled with meth. I know a crack den when I see it and that is what a mattress on the floor and/or an air mattress says to me. Plus, when you have a less than ideal bed situation, that means you do not really want anyone getting comfortable. It is strictly a hit it and quit it situation.

Clean Closet

They do not even have to go all out and have velvet or wooden hangers. We are not here to be bougie. Hell, if a man takes care of his clothes by hanging them up with good ol’ plastic hangers, then you know he is willing to take care of anything or anyone else in his life. Now, if they have their shit crumbled up in every nook and cranny of that closet? RUN.

A Hamper

This goes hand in hand with the closet, and I have to shit on my brother for a second because for the longest time - when he was out being a fuck boy - all he had was a broken down laundry basket that had seen better days. Oftentimes, dirty clothes were all over the floor from the bathroom to the bedroom. Now? He is not a playa no mo and what has he got now? A legit hamper and his dirty clothes? They reside there!

Dinette Set

Fuck boys are on the go, they do not have time to do the dishes and even if they did - they would not because they are not ones for responsibility or care. So it is paper plates and bowls for them. This means a guy who has real, legit bowls, plates, and silverware is already worth a hell of a lot more of your time.

November 10, 2020 — Andrew Christian