Article written by Kendra Beltran

Why is it that when it comes to romance and erotica novels, hetero women are always marketed to? Like, does the world not understand that other people would love to get horny as fuck while reading? With that, we are going to take a look at some dick-tingling LGBTQ erotica that will make you want to do nothing more than curl up with a good book and then fuck.

‘His Cocky Valet’ by Cole McCade

This is a book that centers around a character named Ash and all the chaos that his life is delivering at the moment. Then he meets an older man and well, you can read what happens when Ash starts to let loose with someone new in ‘His Cocky Valet.’

‘Wild Wild Wildlife’ by Hyougo Kijima

If one of the first things you ever jerked off to was anime, then have we got a tale for you. ‘Wild Wild Wildlife’ by Hyougo Kijima is a very naughty story about anthropomorphic men who fuck in the woods. Sounds well, wild!

‘An Unlocked Heart’ by K.C. Wells

This one may have a cover similar to your mama’s romance novels, but we are pretty sure your mom’s paperbacks weren’t about a guy trying to get his BDSM club in Manhattan up and running and then falling for a new server. Yeah, we told you this was not your mama’s traditional tales.

‘Primal Red’ by Nicole Kimberling

If you have ever wondered what goes down when a reporter starts to fall for a reclusive artist, then you have got to check out ‘Primal Red.’ It is not only for those who want to get hard with a good book, it is also for all you true crime lovers out there because while there is definitely sex, there is also a murder to be solved.

‘Greek Love: The Herculean Edition’ by Dale Lazarov

School likes to gloss over the details, but back in ancient times, Greeks were getting it in. This is what most likely inspired the story Dale Lazarov penned in ‘Greek Love.’ This one is described as being “carnal.” So you know those sex scenes are going to be steamy. Plus, fellow author Samuel R. Delany described it as “rough and tender.” We think this one is going to turn some of y’all into bookworms.

‘His Roommate's Pleasure’ by Lana McGregor

In ‘His Roommate’s Pleasure’ we get a scenario I think many have sort of fantasized about in their dorm room and that is finding out your hot-ass roommate is gay via stumbling onto their porn collection. That is exactly what happens in this story, but you will have to check out this one by Lana McGregor to find out how things pan out between Adam and Josh.

‘The Sluts’ by Dennis Cooper

If you have ever wanted a story that dives into the world of male escorts, then Dennis Cooper’s ‘The Sluts’ is waiting to be consumed by you.

‘Treasure of Love’ by Scotty Cade

When it comes to LGBTQ romance that leans heavily into the sexual exploration in the written word, Scotty Cade is it. With almost three dozen books to their name, Cade ain’t messing around, and ‘Treasure of Love’ is just one of the many titles to get into. This one is about a divemaster and charter boat captain who has lived as a straight man for some time. He would tell anyone he was straight because that’s what he believed he was. Of course, then a hot as fuck treasure hunter enters the picture and well, the captain just ain’t too sure anymore.

December 14, 2021 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Gay Culture