By Eris Chase  

I saw the box sitting wrapped up on the kitchen counter as soon as I walked in. A gift  from my husband, obviously. We’ve been married a long time at this point and as  most couples, there’s an ebb and flow in a relationship. Unfortunately for us, we were  finding ourselves in the trough. Not connecting emotionally. Not connecting  physically. We both desire each other deeply. The magic between us, that spark - you  could always feel it, we have it, but, life happens. Work, responsibilities, exhaustion,  family, stress… we were putting each other last and had been for some months. I had  a feeling whatever was in the box was about to remedy all that.  

I untied the black ribbon sliding the lid off. There was a card that said “Don’t look any  further until you read this” I flipped it over to find a note. “I’m watching you on the  security cameras right now. Strip for me. Slowly. Take everything off and leave it in a  pile. Take the box and go upstairs. Shower and get yourself ready. When you’re done,  go into the bedroom stand in front of the cameras where you know I can watch you.  Put on what’s in the box. Kneel on the edge of the bed. Put your head between your  elbows and spread your knees wide like I like. Make sure I can see you while I finish my  day. I’ll be home soon.”  

Chills shot up my spine. I looked at the camera in the top corner of the kitchen.  Licking my lips slowly, my heart pounding at knowing he was watching me. He knew  what we needed. He needed to take control, relight our spark.  

I took my time just like he asked. Pulling the sweatshirt over my head as slow as I  could. Running my fingertips over my hard nipples, squeezing gently. Hand snaking  down my chest, down my happy trail, ghosting across the waist of my pants.  Imagining his fingers replacing mine, his hands touching me… I needed to breath to  calm myself, already dizzy in the fantasy.  

I smiled while I slid my hand between my legs and squeezed for him. I took my time  with the button and zipper never breaking my eye contact from that little lens in the  corner, imagining what he was doing in his office chair while I put on my show. Was he touching himself? Was he hard for me? For us? I slid the pants down my hips,  making sure my underwear didn’t slip along with it. Taking everything as slow as  possible for him. 

Bending over to slide the pants off my feet. I stayed bent, deciding to turn around to  give him my best view. The one I know he loves. I hooked my thumbs into the  waistband and slowly started to ease the covering from my cheeks. Imagining him  with his hand around his cock, desperate for me… needy. As needy as I felt him. I slid  them down further, making sure my hole was exposed. Dropping them to my ankles, I  held both cheeks and spread myself wide. Toeing out of the undies, I turned around  and stood up to face the camera. Looking like I could see him, I slipped my hand  underneath my balls, cupping them, sliding them up and letting them drop heavily.  Fisting my extremely hard cock, I stroked myself a few times. Staring at the camera, I  blew a kiss to my voyeur.  

Exiting the kitchen naked, the crisp air in the house made me feel tingly all over. Like  it was dirty what I was doing. Naughty. It felt so right. I held the box carefully and did  what he said. Putting it on the bed and showering myself as thoroughly as I could in  the rush of adrenaline and want I felt.  

Toweling off, I walked to the corner of our bed, staring up at the camera wondering  was he still there? Was he on his way? The box held a black liquid latex type pair of  briefs that said FUKR around the waist. There was a zipper from the top of the crack all  the way down to the balls. Fingering the fabric, I had to wipe sweat from my brow at  my desire to be clothed in them. He didn’t specify… should I leave them unzipped or  should I let him do it? I opted to let him unveil my hole.  

Sliding them on was its own erotic experience. I couldn’t shift fast enough to get them  on. Realizing too late that I should’ve taken my time. Should’ve made a show of it, but  I was desperate to get on my hands and knees. Desperate to spread my legs to bury  my head in my hands to open myself for him. I shifted my hard on into the pouch that  cupped my dick and made it look much bigger and more tempting.  

I got into the position he requested, checking to make sure the camera saw me. My  cock was throbbing. My balls throbbing. My heart throbbing. All of me dying with  want. Just the thought of him, pulling that zipper open to see my hole. Imagining  what he would do to me. Would he rim me? Fuck me with his tongue until I was a  panting mess? Would he even let me come? Would he allow it or would he fill me  with his seed over and over until I was so full it was leaking out of me desperate for  my own release but denied over and over again..  

I knelt and spread my legs wide, arched my back, buried my head… opened…. and I  waited…. 

The two chimes were like a Sirens call. Letting me know someone opened the door. I  knew it was him. My body shaking, twitching, anticipating. Knowing his hands were  about to be on me. How much would he want me by now? What did he do in the car  when he was driving home? Did he touch himself, did he think about me? Did he  think about us about how he would turn me into a debauched filthy mess? Did he  want me to cry for him, begging? Would he lick my tears for my face? Would he tell  me he still loved me?  

The bedroom door opened and closed near silently. I could feel his presence, but I  didn’t open my eyes nor speak. I didn’t move my position. I ceded all control to him. I  would let him take whatever he wanted from me. I would accept whatever he decided  to give me. I needed him back in me.  

His fingertips were the first touch I felt. Just a tickle to the nape of my neck. They were  warm, inviting. An assurance that I was safe. They slid gently down my spine, soft  kisses following in their wake. I could smell him, feel his suit brush against me. He was  fully clothed, buttoned up, a perfect package of a man. A hand fell to each hip and  squeezed just hard enough to let me know he knew what I needed. The good kind of  pain, almost bruising but not quite. He always knew. Always.  

A soft kiss to the dimples above each cheek and a kiss just above the waist band  where the zipper was just at the tip of my crack. I heard a murmur. “I love you. I’ve  missed you so much. Tell me what you need. I’ll give it to you my good sweet boy.”  

I nearly came. My cock so hard. It’s been so long since he called me his good sweet  boy.. I’d forgotten how much I desired it. How much I desired to let him have control  and here he was asking me, no, telling me he’d give me what I needed.. I whispered  back. “Only you. You’re all I need.. I just need to feel you inside me. Use me. Fill me  with your cock… Cum in me over and over.” I was whining for him, pleading. “Need  you in charge so much.”  

“Always so good for me like this… I’ll fill you since you asked so sweetly. You’re just my  hole for now. If you keep being good for me, pleasing me, I’ll plug you up after I finish  using you to my liking. Let my seed soak into you. Maybe I’ll let you cum for me,  maybe not. But until I allow you, no touching yourself. You're just a doll for me to play  with. My fucktoy. Is that what you want tonight… my little cum slut? To let me pound  into over and over till your dripping with me?” 

No words. I couldn’t make them come out of my mouth. How much I want all that.  Submitting to him. To be used only for his pleasure. Edging me through the night.  Denying me, but taking everything he needed from me. God it was all I wanted..  

“I’ll take your silence as a yes, boy. Now open your legs wider for me while I unzip you  and fuck your hole with my tongue.. if you moan and be compliant enough, maybe I’ll  put my fingers in. If you get bratty or say no, I won’t open you. No prep at all. I’ll just  fuck you raw. No lube. No spit. Treat you like my whore….” He leaned in, gently  nuzzling my ear, “and, I assure you, you will not like it. So be my good boy. Yes?”  

“Yes… please baby… put your tongue in me. Want you… please…” a hand came  down hard on my right butt cheek. My breath shuddered out of me, my cock and hole  aching for him. “Please. I’ll comply. I won’t be bratty… please.” I begged one more  time before I felt the zipper give way and silky wetness engulf my core.  

He devoured me. Like a starving man, and I was his meal. Over and over he lapped,  sucked and fucked his tongue into me. It felt like he was making out with my hole,  pleasuring me to the brink and he just started.  

I was squirming, moaning and writhing, trying desperately to squeeze my thighs  together. To get some kind of friction, some relief for my desperate cock. He was  having none of it. I heard the sound of his hand start to come down before I felt the  impact. He spanked me. Three on each cheek. Extra hard the way that I loved it.  

“I told you not to be bratty… Stay still and be a sweet boy, I’m not nearly done with  you yet. I want to cum on this pretty pink hole of yours, use it as lube for my fingers so  I can open you. Get you all ready for me.”  

“Yes…. Please… want that..” I wasn’t sure if my words were coming out loud, or if they  were in my head, but the tongue was back. A hand, rubbing my butt cheek, squeezing  into the painful spot where the spanks were. “Touch yourself for me, baby. Please I  want to feel your cum on me…. in me….. can’t wait… need it.”  

“Anything for you” he growled into my ear, taking his fingers and spreading my hole  open. With one hand he stroked himself. He came in thick spurts. It coated my hole  and dripped down my balls, some of it falling onto the comforter. I watched his  fingers scoop it up before it was pressed deep inside me.  

The sounds that were coming out of me were obscene. I was rocking back-and-forth  onto his fingers as they entered me one after another. He added lube at one point. 

Time was meaningless. He could have fingered me for seconds or hours, I was lost to  him.  

I reached back and grabbed his wrist, pulling his fingers free to the unconscious  clenching of my empty core. My channel was slick and hot, so ready. “Fuck me  baby…. please… now…. need you in me…”  

No hesitation. He plunged his thick cock deep into me, bottoming out in one stroke. It  hurt, and I didn’t care. Needing this wicked tenderness, my body split open. That feel,  him pressed to the back of my thighs. So tight. No space between us. I missed him. I  missed this. The way only he could make me feel. Owned. His property. His  possession.  

Move, we needed to move. I fucked back into him as hard as I could. Feeling the  fullness I craved. His cock, his cum, the lube, all of it making my body feel alive. I  couldn’t take him deep enough. I couldn’t beg him enough to fuck me harder and  harder. I was insatiable. I met him stroke for stroke. I gave him all he asked of me and  he gave me all we needed.. just as he promised.  

Fisting my hair, he pulled me into him. My spine pressed into his chest, the suit  separating me from his skin. Biting and sucking into my neck, he was leaving his mark.  His claim bruised into my body. Stroking into me over and over, he took me  impossibly deeper. I was slick with sweat, Moaning while clawing at his thighs.  Bouncing in his lap as hard as I could.  

“Come in me again, baby please” I unapologetically begged. “Want it. Want you so  much.… I want to feel you every step tomorrow, please.”  

The grip in my hair tightened the other one on my hip was agonizingly and beautifully  painful. He kept his promise and treated me just like a fuck toy, slamming himself into  me over and over. Impossibly hard, impossibly fast and impossibly deep.. I lifted my  arms and wrapped them around the back of his neck, arching my spine, so I could  open for him as much as I could.  

He was gasping for breath, sweat dripping from him down my chest. “Use me baby.  Use me like you promised. I’m your little cum slut… make me drip with you.”  

That was all it took. Sucking in a deep breath, he shoved me to him tighter than  should be possible and ground into me. I felt the hot liquid pour inside of my body.  How could he be coming so much again this soon? But he was. It was for me for, for twisting my head, I pressed our lips into a sloppy kiss, all tongues and teeth, spit  and sweat.  

I felt him smile into my mouth. “Such a good boy….” Then, he collapsed on top of  me, pushing me into the mattress. His weight on me a comfort. It was pure bliss, the  start of our flame being relit.  

The night became a blur after that. Just he and I wrapped in each other. It was all  intense pleasure. Over and over. His hands on me. His come deep inside me. His suit  and my briefs had been shed sometime during our sessions. When he was finally  spent, he slid the plug into my ass. Trapping his spend in me. The world felt right  again. I felt so calm. So connected to him. So deeply in love with everything he could  give me. I was clinging to him, not wanting this to end.  

“Much as I love you wrapped around me like this, my sweetness, you still have to cum  for me” His words were spoken so softly, with delicate finger strokes through my hair  but the command in them was clear. I told him at the start I would comply with  everything, be a good boy for him. I reluctantly rolled out of his arms.  

“How do you want me, baby? I’ll come for you…. Just tell me what to do. I want you in  charge.” I didn’t even feel lucid. Like I wasn’t on this plane of existence anymore. I’d  floated to a different world and he was all that was tethering me to reality.  

“Stay just like that. You look like a beautiful fucked out mess. Lay back and let me take  care of you.” Without another second warning, his hot mouth was wrapped around  me, licking and sucking. I wouldn’t last, no chance, not after everything he’d already  given me tonight.  

I used the last of my energy to lift my hips to get deeper down his throat. Leaning up  on my elbows, I looked down, watching him work me into the abyss. Mouth stretched  wide, throat bobbing in time with his head. He looked up, barely any clarity in his  eyes. He was as far gone as I was, but his eyes bore into my soul.  

It was all it took, that look from him. His desire and devotion on full display. My back  arched and I spilled over and over into him. He swallowed every drop. Licking and  lightly sucking me until I was slack. He smiled up at me that beautiful smile that I’d fallen in love with so many years ago. “Is that what you needed? Did you miss me my  good sweet boy? Did you miss me loving you?”  

I shimmied down the bed so I could put my arms around his neck and twine myself  around his body. “Yes. Yes I missed you. I missed you calling me your good sweet boy  I missed you touching me. I miss how well you know me, how you know my body.  More than anything, I miss being sure that you loved me still. You do don’t you, love  me still?”  

“Always. I will never stop loving you. Now, close your eyes and sleep.”  “Ok.” With that last command, I slept like I hadn’t in months. 

June 28, 2024 — Andrew Christian
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