Article by Kendra Beltran

“You what?!” That is the response you get from people who are nose deep in their AARP rewards, or young people who have some backward thoughts on sexuality and sex in general. You know, the kind who have "Live. Laugh. Love" somewhere in their home decor. They wouldn't dare fuck on the first date, but frankly, those people are not living. While they exist in the beige part of the world, you can rest assured that sex on the first date ain't nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, we encourage it 100% just so long as that is what you and your partner want. Why you ask? We are about to tell you three significant reasons why sex on the first date is absolutely acceptable.

You've Gotta Sample Before You Buy

I have had one too many friends who have given me the side eye when I have said I am okay with unsolicited dick pics from dudes I was interested in. I explain it is like window shopping before committing to wasting time. Would you ever order something online without a picture? Most likely not. That is how I feel about dick pics and nothing will change my mind about that. It is also how I feel about fucking on the first date. It's like trying on something the second Amazon drops it off. If the dick ain't good, I won't keep it around. I will package it back up and give it the boot. Why waste your time with a dude who isn't going to deliver physically? See, what if you went out and wasted all that time and energy on five dates only to find out 1. His dick was trash and 2. His trash dick couldn't even get the job done? Exactly. You've gotta test drive before you buy.

Sex Is Natural

Somewhere in science, it says only humans and dolphins fuck for pleasure. Every other creature is out there just doing it to make populations grow like it's their job. Oh no, no, no. We are not about to sit here and make the wonders of sex into something we clock in and out of. Having sex is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and one of the most natural things that people can take part in. So those who feel like it is weird to fuck on a first date are denying their natural rights as human beings. We are not here for a long time, so while we are here you better plan on having a good time. Don’t waste time being scared of what others are going to think of what you do or don’t do on that date. If you wanna get it on, do it.

There Is No Such Thing as a Slut

All of the above has led us to the number one reason. Having sex on the first date or even a lot does not make you a bad person. Slut was coined to make those who love sex feel bad about it. Well, we are here with Amber Rose to say that we're taking that word back. Enjoying sex does not make you any less than a person who sits around waiting for marriage. So whether or not you fuck on the first or third date shouldn't matter. If you were planning on fucking that person what's the difference if you wait a few dates or not? That makes no sense and takes us back to the whole sampling before you buy tip.
February 06, 2019 — Andrew Christian