Article by Maya Vukovska

I can hear a spontaneous answer here: Easy - you just need to wear the right type of swim trunks by the pool. Yeah, sure, but a nice piece of ass doesn’t always suffice to attract attention in the midst of the ocean. Also, other things should be taken into consideration if you want to maximize your chances of meeting someone special. Or just someone to have NSA sex with.

East, west, singles are the best

Needless to say, if you’re looking for an uncomplicated and carefree relationship, the best place to start is by selecting a cruise marketed as such for singles only. This will guarantee that most of the guys on board will be there pretty much for the same reason as you are. And I'm saying “most” but not “all” because it’s absurd to presume that just because someone has signed up for a singles cruise, they are looking for casual sex. Some guys may be there for the “T-dances” parties, or the on-shore experiences, for that matter. So, don’t go around groping people’s butts - this type of behavior will only … you the fame of the Psycho Grabber of the boat, but not an actual ass. Carnival cruises are a popular option for those single cruisers who plot to get laid at sea. The tour operators offer hosted meet-ups, various activities, and excursions during which you can properly introduce yourself and meet potential lovers.

Book clever

If you don’t want to be disappointed with your sailing/sexing experience, then you shouldn’t click on the first offer that pops up in your browser. Instead, plan carefully, and start with choosing the right time of the year. Cruises that take place during spring break or over the summer are typically full of young singles. However, if you are interested in hooking up with a bit older guys, choose a cruise during the fall or winter. The itinerary matters too depending on what you’re expecting to happen. If you want to explore new places and see new faces every day, you’d better opt for a cruise that stops at a lot of ports. But if you want to get to know only the people on board choose a ship that spends most of the time in the open sea. In that train of thought, it might be a good idea to check the Facebook group or the online forum of your cruise line (most of the lines have those). To test the social waters, so to say. That way, you can arrange to meet up with someone who’s caught your eye before sailing away. Oh, and one last tip for booking that you might find useful. If you're not interested in going to costume parties, exploring new places, participating in quizzes, contests, and other social activities organized on board, and you only care for sex, then I suggest you book one of those itsy-bitsy-tiny cruises that last from three up to five days. These so-called “party cruises” abound with other DTF singles who don’t want to waste time playing pickleball, watching a movie under the stars, or betting on red in the casino. Not to mention that by booking a short sea trip you don’t have to worry about bumping into your sex partner/s every single day for the next two or three weeks…

Other basic principles of sailing solo

Number one rule is: Leave the crew stuff alone! No matter how cute some of the employees are, you have to constantly remind yourself that these boys are there to serve your customer needs, and not your sexual ones. Having sex with the staff is inappropriate and against any company policy. Obviously, they cannot throw you over the board for being indecent with the water sports instructor or the expedition leader, but this can definitely get them fired. I know that when on vacation one can loosen up and have as many cocktails and shots as their body can handle, but drinking too much may play a cruel trick on you. For one thing, too much alcohol will mess with your right judgment, and you can end up having sex with someone whose name and face you won’t remember the next day. Or what’s worse, this someone could have done it without wearing a condom. And that’s something you might deeply regret later on. Besides а couple of tank tops, two pairs of shorts, and flip-flops, don’t forget to pack also a set of more elegant clothes that will help you to get noticed. That doesn’t mean that you should wear a ball gown at the pool party - just make sure you look sharp and you smell good. Remember that apart from good looks, confidence (but not arrogance!) is the key to meeting new people and getting laid.
August 10, 2023 — Andrew Christian