For many in the gay community, loneliness can be a problem. To make friends, they say, go to gay bars... but don’t you need a friend to go to the bar WITH you in the first place? Well boys, the answer is no! Despite how intimidating it may seem, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to a gay bar by yourself. Don’t be daunted, just follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to be the best wingman you’ve ever had. First of all, it never hurts to look the part. Dress up a bit snazzy, maybe a little extra. If you look hot AF and like you are a barrel of fun, then your chances of strangers chatting you up will go up dramatically. What’s also going to help your chances is visiting at the right time. Your best bet is probably going to be happy hour because it will seem less “sad” and you’ll at least have 'bargain-hunting' as an excuse to be there. And with the cheap beers, don’t be afraid to buy someone a drink! This is a tried-and true, age-old method of initiating an interaction with someone at a bar.. even if you’re alone! If not happy hour, then late at night may be your best bet to make friends... you know, after the room as been very much socially lubricated.
But you must also bare in mind safety concerns as a solo gay bar goer. Always keep an eye on your drink and never leave it alone to go the bathroom. Piss between drinks, boys. Tell someone you’re going to the bar beforehand, and don’t get too drunk there alone. Buuuuut… that being said, you are going to want to get a little tipsy. A couple drinks will help you get out of your head and stop feeling so self-conscious. Just know your limits and don’t go crazy. Most importantly though... just be there, be present, and be approachable. Have good posture, smile at people if you make eye contact across the room, and be open to anything. Don’t expect to have the best night of your life or you might be disappointed. But keep an open mind and you’ll have a great time at a gay bar alone!
August 16, 2019 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Gay Culture