Halloween is rapidly approaching. Are you thoroughly spooked? I believe that one should remain in a constant state of irrational terror and confused arousal for the duration of October. To help you accomplish this, here are eight homoerotic, gay-friendly and horror movies to spook you this month.

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

That's right, not the original one, but nightmare on Elm Street 2! Why is this sequel the ultimate gay horror flick? Nonstop homoerotic slasher content, that's why. The gay screenwriter amazingly crafted a perfect gay horror movie without its straight producers even realizing. Upon release, one critic dubbed it "the gayest horror film ever". Sounds like a dream come true!

2. The Forsaken

While 2001's The Forsaken may not be the greatest movie of all time, it's definitely gay. And that counts for something, right? Essentially, it's a story two closeted, in-denial men who sustain sexual tension throughout the movie, which also happens to involve lots of vampires. Reminds me of my coming out...

3. Stranger by the Lake

This French film from 2013 is a top-notch thriller, by and for the gay community. Not a horror movie per-se, but this twisting tale of cruising will surely get your blood pumping.

4. B&B

This horror flick from last year is every gay's worst nightmare: a terrible bed and breakfast. And let's just say, this one is especially terrible. Come for the cute gay couple, stay for the blood.

5. Raw

2016's Raw is the extremely bloody story of a French girl who goes from innocent vegetarian to flesh-eating cannibal. The movie totally rocks on its own, but gets bonus points for the hunky gay roommate character (spoiler: you see him get his dick sucked).

6. The Babadook

Although there isn't much inherently gay about this Australian psychological horror film, the titular monster has become an unlikely avatar of the gay community. For that alone, it's worth catching up on your Babadook 101. The film is also a deft commentary on mental illness, which hey-o I know a lot of us can relate to.

7. Interview with a Vampire

90s Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt dressed up as dreamy swashbuckling vampires? Count me in. This methodical period piece is the OG steamy vampire movie, and it still holds up by today's standards.

8. The Neon Demon

This glitzy, glamorous horror movie tells the story of a hot young blonde who enters the ruthless, catty world of LA's most beautiful people. Will she be fierce enough to survive the envious ice queens of Hollywood?
October 19, 2018 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Gay Culture