Article written by Rahmel Reid

Sex is sex, right? You would think. But not all sex is enjoyable. It can become mundane, repetitive or even a chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many different factors that can contribute to average sex. Even worse, bad sex. We as humans want good sex. Exciting sex. We want a sexual experience that literally gets our dicks hard. Or makes that hole throb. Sure, there are tips you can learn from a quick Google search or by asking your more experienced friend. But if you’re really trying to spice things up, you simply need to fuck in a hotel. There’s just something so exhilarating about hotel sex. It could be with your partner or on vacation with other hotel guests or straight up local and anonymous. I’ve never heard someone say hotel sex was bland. And there are reasons for that. Let’s take a look at some of them!


I mean, the thought of getting some new ass and/or dick, in a new setting, is exciting within itself. That’s getting my blood rushing immediately. You make a quick no-strings-attached connection on one of those apps and they invite you to come over. They tell you the hotel and room number, informing you they’ll be waiting with the door unlocked. You walk into that hotel and head to the elevators. Your dick is getting harder and harder as you see the floor levels increase. The people in the elevator with you have no idea that you’re about to have some nasty anonymous sex with someone whose name you don’t even know. You get off the elevator and you’re walking down that long hallway, longing for the moment you open their door to see them either ass up waiting or standing in front of you with a rock hard dick. Damn my dick is hard just writing this! You can use your imagination to figure out what happens next. You handle your business and walk out of that hotel with a smile on your face. You like things NSA, so the fact that neither one of you know ether ones personal address or how your places looks is a huge relief. No trace of anything left behind. It’s almost like it never happened. Perfect way to add some thrill to that typical sex life.


A lot of people tend to feel silly when trying to role play, in their own homes. I get it, there’s too many familiar factors. But when you’re trying to switch things up and you find yourself in a completely new surrounding, you may find that switching up your identity is a bit easier. Hotels allow you to bring out your uninhibited side, your freaky side if you will. You can certainly do the typical (and cheesy) type of role play — nurse and patient, or professor and college student. But you’re not restricted to that. Hotel role play can involve wild fantasies without the kitschy costumes. If you want to be an insatiable cumdump, then be that! Want to experiment with golden showers? Baby this is the time (and place). BDSM? Now’s your chance. Voyeurism? This is the perfect time to fuck on the balcony or in front of the windows. You certainly don’t want to do that in your personal apartment, the neighbors may start calling you weird. But a hotel? No one fucking knows you. No one is judging you, they’re probably there for the same reasons. This is the time to get all the freakiness out and transform into someone else. Someone paid for that room, make each and every dollar count!


The more the merrier, listen I get it. Who doesn’t want a bunch of erect dicks around? I mean, isn’t that the reason why we all so adamantly believe in hitting the sauna after a workout (or sometimes even before it). But sometimes, you don’t want all of those people in your personal space. Lube everywhere, multiple towels being used, ass sweat all over the place. Do these people steal? You won’t know until everyone leaves and you take inventory of your place like it’s the stock room at H&M. There’s so much to worry about hosting an orgy in your home. But a hotel? Game on slut. Invite as many people you’re comfortable with. Cum any and everywhere. The sheets will be laundered. The towels will be changed. Your personal possessions are secured in the room safe. It’s time to get slutted out. Whether you’re the only bottom in a room full of tops, living out your gang-bang fantasy or a full on orgy, this is the time to host motherfuckers in your space.


Having a significant other is great, but things can get a bit dull over time. The relationship can become routine or just simply no longer interesting. You almost feel like a robot, just doing the same activities day-in and day-out. You know it’s a drag for sure when the sex becomes basic. So you try to spice up the sex life. Rekindling that physical chemistry that drew you to one another in the first place. That can certainly lend itself to making the dynamics of the entire relationship more exciting. So let’s skip all of the foolishness and extra activities and get right to the solution. Just book a slutty vacation. It can be a stay-cation on the other side of town or somewhere tropical. But the thrill of fucking in a different room or shower is exciting. Spraying your cum anywhere, worry free is thrilling. A Jacuzzi? Certainly makes for a lustful night, a doozy.

If you’re looking for any sort of thrill or to change things up, get a hotel room. For a night or a weekend vacation. If all else fails, at least you can masturbate in a new environment.

November 01, 2022 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips