We all know the old saying, "opposites attract." Well, at least we all have sung it thanks to Paula Abdul and a dancing cat. Nevertheless, there is a reason for that phrase's ubiquity: it's true. Perhaps it is because we want more out of life than what we already have, and someone completely different than us could provide a fresh take? Yup, that is just one of the many reasons why you should not put who-to-date and want-to-date into a box that is shaped just like yours. Differences make the world go round, so let's examine the other reasons why should date someone is your polar opposite.

1. Expand Inner Circle

Say you are a lawyer. It is likely that your inner circle now consists of coworkers who are also in the same field. You are into politics and always have the news playing. That is awesome. Do your thing, bro. But to date another lawyer? That would mean your inner circle would never have variety. So if you were to date, say, an art teacher--you would suddenly have someone in your life who not only brings levity and creativity in your life, but also an array of new friends who are also creatives. In the end, you'd be expanding not only the type of people you spend your free time with, but also your mind.

2. Be Introduced to New Pastimes

At a certain point in our adult lives, we like what we like and that's it. Especially when we date people who legit like the same things. A Kacey Musgraves fan may never find the beauty that is Cardi B if they only ever date other Kacey Stans. And it's not just music, TV, and movies though. Someone who lives for staying in and chilling with Netflix would benefit greatly from dating one of those dudes who are constantly in REI planning their next outdoor adventure. They would not have ever thought twice about hiking that trail they've lived by for years if they'd dated another self-proclaimed couch potato. While it is nice and comforting to find someone whose passions mirror yours, it also allows you to keep doors closed on other opportunities and experiences because neither of you are ever going to push the other. Your opposite will challenge you to try something you may never have expected and in the end you just may very well learn you like it.

3. Personality Breakers

An introvert dating an extrovert. Sounds like a total nightmare to some, but in reality the extrovert could help the introvert break out of their shell. That goes hand in hand with so many other personality types. A clean freak could teach a messier man the importance of a laundry hamper. A tech bro could learn the importance of stepping away from the blue light from a modern day hippy. The list goes on and on for what your opposite could do to better your life in that respect.

4. Gain New Perspective

It is impossible to date someone who is a different race, religion or in a different tax bracket and not take in something that you hadn't known before. Dating someone who on paper is far from what you are on paper allows you to see the world in a new light. Whether it is because they are a different race, religion, or come from a part of the world that is as far from where you're from in terms of customs and culture - all of those are opportunities to learn about someone unlike yourself and grow from them.
April 15, 2022 — Andrew Christian