If you’re like most guys, you probably enjoy the feeling of having an orgasm. But within the gay community, there’s a subculture of men who believe that the only thing that feels better than having an orgasm is not having an orgasm. I’m talking about the fetish known as chastity, often practiced using a chastity belt that prevents the wearer from achieving an erection or receiving sexual stimulation. And the key to that belt belongs only in the hands of your lover. ;) On this blog, we previously talked about how abstaining from masturbation can maybe give you superpowers, but chastity differs in that the fantasy requires you to want to cum but just not be able to. You relinquish your right to orgasm to the will of your partner, and he can be as generous or as cruel as he likes. ;) Maybe he’ll leave you locked up all night. Maybe for a few days. Maybe he’ll lock you up and throw away the key for good. At its core, this fetish is a subset of bondage. The thrill comes from an inability to control the situation and a desperate and uncertain longing to cum. And after you’ve been in chastity, you may find that you’ve become a more thoughtful, giving lover. In fact, your partner may only release you after you’ve filled his quota of pleasure. For those curious in trying chastity, make sure you do extensive research about safety precautions and different types of chastity belts. They come in all shapes, sizes, degrees of femininity and restiveness. And make sure you’re engaging in this fetish with someone you truly trust and have communicated with beforehand. Chastity is certainly not for everyone. Take me for example, I much prefer just having sex. Thank goodness there’s only a couple days left before master lets me take off my chastity belt! ;)
July 19, 2018 — Andrew Christian
Tags: AC Hot Takes