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Answer some optional questions (see below sizing) and Designer Andrew Christian will hand-select the perfect chic brief or boxer underwear style based on your individuality. You will always look fabulously extravagant and luxurious while feeling sexy and comfortable. The best part... FREE SHIPPING each month! As a SIGN-UP BONUS, on your 1st shipment, you will get 30% OFF and a FREE Pair Of Underwear! Um...YES, PLEASE! Join now and let the fun begin. Due to international regulations, free gift items will still have a declared nominal value during import and are subject to duties and taxes. To opt-out, remove items from the cart during checkout.

Exclusions/Rules Apply:

**Discount and sign-up bonus apply to the 1st-Month-ONLY for new sign-ups (REsubscriptions do not qualify).

**Limit one free pair of undies per customer with more than one subscriptions.

**May not be retroactively applied to any existing subscriptions.

**Subscriptions are not eligible for purchase with any coupon codes

Additional NOTES: FREE monthly shipping included. The first shipment will be made on the date selected on the calendar, following shipments will be charged on a monthly basis to the credit card used to place the order on that same day each month. Shipments will continue until canceled.

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If the promotion is supposed to include free shipping why when I try to place my order you are charging for the shipping? 
 So I'm just wondering for the underwear club, do you only get one pair per month for $20? 
hello! Can I cancel the club's automatic order every month? If so, how should I do it? thank you!
If I buy something from my account do I get the free shipping from the monthly underwear subscription? Will that carry over to that?
How do I change the size on my subscription from Medium to Large?
I am looking at the new curated underwear of the month club. I am wondering what styles would corispond with which packages.
Hi...will you shipping/deliver the product to India? 
Can you ship to the UK 
If i purchased this subscription, would my free pair of extra underwear be Chic and Sophisticated related or could it be a jock, thong, etc?
If I'm a size 32 or 33 and wear boxer briefs that are small (28-30) because they fit better should I stick with ordering small or go ahead and try fitting into a Medium with Andrew Christian collection? 
If I decide to cancel my monthly underwear subscription, how would I do so?
Is there a membership it's a mixture of the underwear?
Does the chic/sophisticated selection include both boxer and brief styles? Or do I need to select one or the other?
Need help changing size on my subscription!
Chic and sophisticated club, I wouldn’t want boxers included, is that possible?
Can I cancel my susbscription by sending an email? Thanks
What happens if I dont like the pair I'm sent one month. Am I stuck with it, or can I return/exchange it?
Is the a way to choose that you only want briefs and no boxer briefs? 
Im is vietnamese . I love your compani . But my english not good. When i see sale off . I love it . But how can i buy it frome u. Help me . Pls
Living in the UK, thinking of signing up to the subscription club, will I need to pay tax/vat when the parcel arrives.
Hi. I want to subscribe to the chic and sophisticated. But would it be possible to me to e-mail my cancellation if I would want to? Considering I'm from Norway it would be much easier for me than to call cross the atlantic .Thanks!
I want to sign up for more subscriptions. It says I get a free pair with new subscriptions but there’s only one mystery pair in my cart. Will I be getting one for each subscription or no?
Can you guys make a size 2X.... PLEASE!!!
I ordered 3 styles of the underwear of the month club and I only got the first month's selection. What happens to January and February and so on? 
Can I cancel subscription at any time? For example, I want to cancel after having paid and received the first monthly shipments.

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