TROPHY BOY® Studded Puppy Play Hood



Who's a good boy? The Soft & Stretchy Neoprene TROPHY BOY® Studded Puppy Play Hood is the perfect sex role-playing dog mask. It comes with beautiful stitching and contrast color brow & muzzle, no zippers or lacing to mess with, and is lightweight for a comfy wearing experience...but the best features a removable muzzle so you can gnaw on a bone or grab a drink without taking the hood off. Give the puppy your simply unsnapping the muzzle! It also comes with bendable ears to show your puppy's personality. Made one-size-fits-most and foldable to store discretely. The product is sold as a novelty item, it is not a medical device. This Product Is Non-Exchangeable, Non-Returnable, and Non-Refundable.

Features / How to Use
  • TROPHY BOY® The Best Gear For The Best Boys
  • One-Size-Fits-Most
  • No Zippers Or Lacing To Mess With
  • Studded Brow & Muzzle Design
  • Bendable Ears To Show Off Your Puppy Personality
  • Removable Muzzle To Gnaw A Bone Or Drink
  • Soft & Stretchy Neoprene
  • Lightweight To Wear
  • Can Be Folded & Stored Discretely
  • Sold As A Novelty Item, Not A Medical Device
  • Designed In The ANDREW CHRISTIAN® Design Studio In Los Angeles, California
Specs / Ingredients
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Contrast Brow & Muzzle: PU Material
  • Studs: Alloy
  • Stop Using If Pain, Irritation, Or A Feeling Of Unwellness Occurs