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Someone's Getting Naked! Is It Murray Or Pablo?

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Someone's Getting Naked! Is It Murray Or Pablo?

DSC_0581By now, we hope you've subscribed to our YouTube channel, which now features brand new videos every single Monday. Not only is there a new video each and every week, we're also posting exclusive content you won't see anywhere else...not even on our own website! Plus, they're videos that encourage allow you, the fans, to interact more with our models with submissions, questions, and requests for new challenges.

Murray-Pablo-NakedOne perfect example is our most recent video, the "Someone's Getting Naked" Challenge with Murray and Pablo. Ever since we started asking for suggestions, you guys have been asking to see two models do this challenge. You asked, and we delivered...with two of our most popular models no less! Needless to say, you guys know how to ask for good videos, because this one is equal parts hot and hilarious. The only thing better than watching them joke back and forth is watching them get undressed one clothing item at a time.

So if you haven't already, take a look at the video below. And if you have a suggestion for another great challenge to make the models do, throw it in the comment section!

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