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Gift yourself with a new pair each deserve to feel sexy!

With the Jock of the Month Club, you will receive a new pair of Andrew Christian jockstrap, thong or fetish style underwear every month which is hand-picked for you by Designer Andrew Christian...for only $12.99 per month...that's approx 33% Off the average retail value. Retail value is approximate and varies depending on items selected each month.

Andrew Christian uses the softest fabric and the highest quality elastic, including our Ultra Slimming Elastic, to create a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience. Andrew Christian underwear virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing.

All underwear is designed in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

NOTES: The first shipment will be made on the date selected on the calendar, following shipments will be charged on a monthly basis to the credit card used to place the order on that same day each month. Shipments will continue until canceled. This style is not eligible for purchase with sale or discount codes. Limit 1 free pair of underwear per customer.

Jock of the Month selection for:

February 2019: 90974 MASSIVE Glam Stripe Bubble Butt Jock, Black/Silver

Past Selections:

January 2019: 90939 CoolFlex Locker Room Jock w/ Show-It, Navy
December 2018: 90902 MASSIVE Gladiator Jock, Gunmetal
November 2018: 90845 Peepshow Jock w/ Almost Naked, Red
Style: sub-jockandthongclub

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Customer Reviews

More Uses Than Just Underwear

by Michael - 2/8/2019
Been a member of this subscription for almost a year now. Lately, (three months in a row) Jocks advertised are not the ones received. No biggie, they're usually still decent. Generally good designs on most of the jocks. One of them was absolutely terrible and I ended up giving those away. They usually fit very well, the pouch is definitely for bigger guys/showers.

The comfort is generally excellent, lower rating due to "Show-It". These jocks are extremely uncomfortable, but beauty is pain? I definitely do not recommend wearing the "Show-It" underwear longer than a couple hours max unless you feel like castrating your testicles. I personally would prefer not having these ones in the underwear of the month club.

I do enjoy the quality of these jocks. The elastic bands are the best I've ever encountered in any brand. While the actual jock does not survive being chewed by my 100 lb pitbull- the elastic does! They double as a great inexpensive dog toy when they get worn for heavy chewing dogs. My dog and I now have a few toys that can withstand tug of war. (Much cheaper than the kong heavy duty toys!) The elastic is still intact from a pair chewed up 10 months ago that we play tug of war and he chews regularly.

Overall, definitely a great buy in more than one aspect. Thank you, AC for providing great underwear and a cheaper alternative to dog toys when the underwear is too worn! Many thanks for the enjoyment brought by these underwear in more than one aspect. My dog and I love them!

Awesome underway

by Brayan - 2/2/2019
Awesome underway

Comfort and nice looking

by Wee Sheng - 1/27/2019
However I didn’t received free of the canlender which mentioned in the package that I ordered . It’s too bad :(
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What if I get two of the exact same pair?


How do I change payment methods for subscriptions


How do I cancel my subscription?


Can I change the size on my monthly jock subscription?


The free undies didn't came with the first pair I got. Is it gonna be sent separately? If it is, I didn't got any tracking number for it. I emailed customer service 2 days ago but I haven't got an answer yet as of now.


when placing first subscription, you get a jock and a random? pair of undies?


What is the cost of the jock of the month subscription? Does it change or is it the same each month b


What does the 'free pair of undies' in the picture mean?


Is this subscription offer also available including shippingcosts to Austria/Germany?


Am I able to cancel this subscription at any time?


What aboute the first month with 50% off ?


I only wear jockstraps is it possible to request no thongs and only jockstraps in the jock of the month subscription?


Hi if I subscribe will it cost the same amount every montb


anyway to get more thongs than jocks? thongs are my favorite cut.


How do I pick the size for this jock/thong subscription?


If I made a subscription, do I have to confirm the order monthly, or is it just automatically ordered each month?


When will i receive my first month jock or thong


How can I cancel the subscription?


How can i change the size of the underwear I get sent every month. I dropped a few pounds and found the next size down fits much better


The first month you pay half price and you get the jock or thong of the month plus another free pair? If so, which pair is the free one?


is there a subscription that allows me to choose the model that I want?


Signing up for this. Is it just jockstraps. I dont want thongs. 


As im finding jock of the month I'm finding the price as a special right now 12.95.Is this a recurring price and if so when.after a month?six months? A year?


How do I know if I am still subscribe? how stoper monthly subscription ?


How much is the shipping cost involved to Hong Kong if I buy this item each month.  Would it be higher than the price of the item?


If you order a subscription in a certain size is there a way to go in and change your size for the future months?


If I were to subscribe to this today, would I be getting this month's jock of the month (the one listed in the details section) or next month's one?


Hi. Is the monthly shipping included?

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