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License to Chill

Style: video-licensetochill
Release Date: Aug 23, 2015

Set against the frigid and frozen backdrop of a fantastical land, the Andrew Christian Trophy Boys train to become the number one Ice Master. Under the watch of the Ice Spirit, played by Designer Andrew Christian, these boys fight in a dramatic display of power, technique, and awe. You might feel a little chilly once you discover who the winner is.

Sponsored by: BLACK Underwear - Coming Soon

Directed by: Erica Dorsey Editing and Visual Effects by: Will Schoenfeld Make-Up: Stephanie Kilmer Costume Designer: Yuko Goda Production Manager: Drew Lequang Wardrobe Assistant/Stylist: Ricardo Serrano Production Assistants: A.J. McGarity, Mava Mehrrafiee

"Epic Dramatic Trailer" by Cyril Nikitin, Courtesy of Envato
Designer Andrew Christian, Matt O'Reilly, 2015 Trophy Boy Contest Winner Jake Parrick, Arad, Drae Axtell, Uriel Ramirez, Kevin Benoit

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