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Non-returnable or exchangeable. Individually packaged in its own plastic bag.

Retail value is approximate and varies depending on items selected. Mystery styles are not eligible for purchase with any sale or discount codes. Quantities limited to stock on hand. No limit per order. If you order more than one you may receive duplicate items...but we try our best to send different styles and colors when available.

Release Date: May 11, 2015

MSRP: $38.00

Special Price: $19.95

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MSRP: $38.00

Special Price: $19.95

Customer Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised

by KL - 2/21/2019
The suit was a perfect match for my body type adn in a great color that I will actually wear. I can't wait to place another order and purchase another mystery item. Thank you. KL

Good quality, but looser than I'd expected

by Alan - 2/13/2019
I'm probably size 29 and I thought small was a good fit. What I got was size 30 and it hangs just on my waist and doesn't provide an easy way to tighten it at the waist. I feel like it can come off very easily just by swimming a little more vigorously or someone pulling it down. Not sure if that's intentional, which is to say it's not entirely for swimming, but for showing off.


by mike - 1/2/2019
the bathing suit was like the last one i got and loved it can't wait to wear this one the color is great!!! the andrew christian thong was fantastic great fit and so comfortable, love wearing it.
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Can the mystery items be returned, just in case it is a style that I'm not able to wear? (I'm not comfortable wearing a bikini, sigh)


Is the mystery swimsuit black or any color for $19.99?  


Hi, just wandering the quantity in the mystery swimwear? Is it just one or 3? Doesn't really say. But there's 3 boxes...


I have small waist but a lot of junk what would I look good in


The XL size seems to be sold out. Do you expect to have it back in stock or it is gone forever?


Will this item be legal to wear on public beach? My boyfriend wants me to do the "AC Challenge". Order mystery item, go to beach restrooms with unopened AC package, destroy the clothes I'm wearing. Then wear the AC mystery item.


what style is being offered???


Does the sale end at midnight Eastern or Pacific


Can I purchase two pair? If I do...will I get two pair of the same mystery swimwear or two different pairs?


Will you do free shipping to me? I always get the free ship for my pervious order.  Thx Kenneth


Regarding today's mystery swimwear, how do I know what size to order if I don't @ least know the cut?  Will the suit be speedo or boxer cut? I sometimes have trouble fitting all my goods into a speedo especially if it's minimal coverage..


The email you sent me talks about 40 % off, but when I try to buy mystery swimming trousers, I don't get the 40 % discount.

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