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Non-returnable or exchangeable. Individually packaged in its own plastic bag. Quantities limited to stock on hand. No limit per order. If you order more than one you may receive duplicate items...but we try our best to send different styles and colors when available.
Release Date: May 11, 2015

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Customer Reviews

Nice product

by Sammy 520 - 10/21/2018
Wow that is what i want . It is comfortable and silky . Very good stuff and fast delivery . Definitely purchase it again .

AC Really Gets Me

by DC - 9/6/2018
So, I don't know if this was pure luck or if they have designed it to where mystery undies are provided based on things you've looked at or previously purchased. But, I received something that I have eyed for a while by never bought (wasn't quite my style). But, receiving them as a mystery pair...I am more than happy to wear them (I received the black floral lace brief). I am gonna just credit AC for knowing what I like or they think I would like.

I love what's printed on back

by Jayme - 7/24/2018
Was surprised with the fit, a little uncomfortable after a full day wearing them
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As of now you have a running campaign to get a free banana-print bag for purchasing two pairs of underwear of the "Almost-Naked" series. If I were to receive two of those pairs in the mystery bags themselves would I receive whatever promotional gift for free with it? (in this case, the banana-print bag)


How many does it brings the box? Is it one, two, three,...?


Is it something that's selected randomly, and then everyone receives that item? If not, and everyone receives something different by random choice, then how would you be out of the medium size?


is there a limet to how long you must sign up for to use the 50% off offer as i don't know how long i would be able to stay signed up for but want to try it out


What's the mystery underwear and is there any styles of the mystery underwear and how much does it $$$$$ 


Do you guys not do the 'mystery pack' anymore like 3 pairs for $30?


Are you have in white colour? 


Can you request not to receive a certain style; like thongs?


How are the mystery styles chosen for each order?


How often do you replenish the mystery style sizes?


Will it be one of the ones that I have just already ordered? 


Will it be one of the ones that I have just already ordered? 


Will it be one of the ones that I have just already ordered? 

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