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Our Time

Posted Oct 5, 2015

Andrew Christian Presents "Our Time"

Karamo Brown
Andrew Christian
Milan Christopher
David Cooley
Jonny Drubel
Frankie Grande
Will Jardell
Ronnie Kroell
Alex Newell
Marcellas Reynolds
Jai Rodriguez
Shawn Ryan
Rodiney Santiago
Darryl Stephens

Producer: Jeff White
Videographer and Editor: William A. Schoenfeld
Publicity Assistant: Dionte Smith
Special Thanks to: Erica Dorsey, Drew LeQuang

Customer Reviews

Great video! Great message!

by Magentalips - 10/15/2015
Such a great video!
My younger son, who is almost 15, might be gay. I am using the words “might be” because he hasn’t come out yet. But the clues are out there. And it is not just me who sees them. About a year ago my best and dearest friend Bryan - the most fabulous person in the whole World, who is gay, and who I truly love, respect, support and care about, and who I experience fabulous fireworks and rainbows together with - we travel, attend HRC events, go dancing in San Diego, LA and Palm Springs (quite a lot, to be honest :), watch theatrical plays, listen to the concerts, check interesting art exhibits…, confirmed my observations. Honestly, it does not matter for me if my son is or is not gay. I am his mother and will always make him feel loved and understood.
There is only one issue… If my son is gay, it might take him some time to come out because my ex-husband is Russian… Unlike me, whose best friend is gay and who is profoundly involved in gay life, my ex is homophobic with all the nonsense this term comes with... A truly heartbreaking fact.
I want my son to feel proud, comfortable and happy in his own skin. I want him to feel that there is nothing to hide, to be afraid or ashamed of.
We watch the video together last night… him holding my hand, his head on my shoulder… My sweet little birdy! I truly want him to be HAPPY!

Very moving and inspirational video.

by Gay boy Rob - 10/12/2015
I found this video extremely inspirational as a person who is still in the process of coming out. I got so tired of lying to myself and everyone in my life about who I really am.

Speaking Out Loud

by jamrob1814jj - 10/10/2015
Enjoyed the video ...quite inspirational!!! When I came out I didn't have any positive role models as we done. Thank you for letting us be apart of your experiences....enjoy!!!
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By chance do you have a chat room where I can talk to others that have or have not came out yet?

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