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Stay sexy & seductive with a new pair of sensuous underwear each month!

Designer Andrew Christian will hand-select the most flirtatious and alluring jockstrap, thong, or fetish style underwear just for our club members. You will always look & feel desirable and irresistible while feeling comfort on a whole new level. The best part... FREE SHIPPING each month! Andrew Christian uses the softest fabric and the highest quality elastic, including our Ultra Slimming Elastic, to create a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience. Andrew Christian underwear virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing.

All underwear is designed in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

NOTES: The first shipment will be made on the date selected on the calendar, following shipments will be charged on a monthly basis to the credit card used to place the order on that same day each month. Shipments will continue until canceled. FREE monthly shipping included. This style is not eligible for purchase with sale or discount codes. Limit 1 free pair of underwear per customer.

Sexy & Provocative of The Month Curated Underwear Club selection for:

September 2019: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! 91189 FUKR Venom Mesh Thong Boxer, Black

Past Selections:

August 2019: 91168 F-Bomb Air Jock, F-Bomb Print
July 2019: 91128 FUKR Strap Net Thong, Black
June 2019: 91110 Lick Suck Fuck Ring Jock w/ Almost Naked, Black
Style: sub-sexyprovocativeclub

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Customer Reviews


by Angel - 9/18/2019


by Angel - 9/18/2019

Definitely worth the subscription!

by Koda Bare - 8/23/2019
I've been subscribed for about six months and have yet to be disappointed in the slightest. AC never fails to provide the sexiest designs while still delivering a comfortable and flattering fit. I love them, my boyfriend loves them, my fans love them. Well worth every penny!
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How do I cancel a subscription?


Hi, I am in the UK. I signed upabout a year ago for the monthly underwear. It was shipped from the states and cost me more in shipping plus import taxes. Is there a way this can be avoided by being ordered and shipped in the UK?


How quick are orders usually filled?


I’m subscribing to a new club but the free pair isn’t showing up in my cart


trophy boy with the italian look is so hot what is hes name how can i see more pictures of him



I don't really like this months pair of underwear. Is there any way I can just not get this months subscription? Also, I actually think that my order for this subscription was placed today! If so can it be returned before it is shipped out?

Thank you,
Luigi Talarico


Hi! I am from mexico city, the shipping is free for mexico?


What collections are included in each subscription? Why are the subscriptions different costs?


Is the free shipping for every order you make or is it just for the pair that is sent to you every month?


Is it possible to have separate orders shipped with the subscription shipment to save on shipping costs?


Can you change your subscription size option after it has been sent? My size is somewhere between small and medium and I wanted to see how medium fits first and change if it doesn't work out for next shipment.


The promo states "free pair of undies + free shipping + 50% off first month". When I am checking out, however, it is charging me shipping, even at the "best value" shipping ($6.20) . I live in the US so am unclear why I am being charged shipping? Is there a code that I should be entering?


Wanted to ask since you are having the 1st month @ 50% does that mean each month for a year i will get charged $20 for your underwear club? And what are the perks aside from receiving 1 free pair each month??


Is shipping free to Canada? When I checkout I only have one shipping option for $70 worldwide expedited shipping.


Would like to cancel this subscription and replace with another one.


how dose the monthly work i wasnt billed last month do u get billed every month ?


Do we get the free fukr backpack with the provocative monthly undies, since this month gives a fukr underwear?


How yous guy underwear club works ? And is it $19.99 australia dollars   Like. Do get money off when shop each time Because i am a member ? And how many day it take to get Adelaide.Australia  Thanks 


What is the month of May's underwear for the subscription and will you let your subscribers know what the wear is each month?  


Hi  Is it every  month  $19.99 And how underwear club work  Do get money off when buy stuff  each time .? Thanks tyson 


If I buy this and use a discount code, would the code apply throughout the entire subscription or just for the first order?


How many days it take to come to Fiji.


Can you be in more then one club and is shipping free if you are in more then one club?


I subscribed on October 27th and didn't have anything sent out on November 27th. Is that due to the holidays, or did I fail to subscribe correctly?


How much is it after the first month?


If i subscribe monthly to a certain under like for example provocative could i change to another subscription of the same price? Or wat if i wanted to get pair i like from provocative one month then the next month i liked trendy and modern what could i do


Is the free shipping only for US customers?


I am attempting to subscribe to the Sexy and Provocative curated club, but am being charged about $6 for shipping. Is this right, or is there an error? I am logged into my account and have no other items in my cart. Wasn't shipping supposed to be free?


How do. Unsubscribe from a curated undewear club?


Does free shipping also applicable for overseas order?


Are they shipped out on the first of every month? Or on the day you joined the club?


When I try to do the checkout only with the subscription for first time (without any else purchase), the system charges the shipping. Is not the free shipping since the first month of subscription? 


Am I obligated to pay certain numbers of periods as a minimal after the subscription begins?


Do we get free shipping when we first subscribe to one of the underwear clubs (on our first shipment)?


Do you get to pic a size before each shipment

use code 20HEY