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Shock Jock Active Shaping Tech with Male Features foam rounded shape cup pad helps protect and adds extra inches to your underwear or swimwear pouch. Soft comfortable foam moves with your body during any activity.
  • Limited Edition… This Style Will Never Be Made Again
  • Show-off You're An Andrew Christian Man
  • Soft Comfortable Foam Moves With Body
  • Depth 1.5", Length 7.5", And Width 5.75"
  • Designed In The Andrew Christian Design Studio In Los Angeles, California
Style: 8071
Release Date: Mar 12, 2015

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Customer Reviews

Like it

by Lawrence - 11/6/2018
Definately enjoy the look and comfot this item provides


by dave - 10/27/2018
product is great

Nice Novelty Item With An Additional Perk

by Priapos - 8/25/2018
Obviously, the main function of the Shock Jock Active Shaping Tech w/ Male Features is to add more bulge into your underwear. It succeeds. The cup itself is nicely made and feels soft against your junk. Does the end result look super-realistic? Not quite. Does it make you fill out your underwear like what you see in underwear ads? Yes. I got them in both colors back in 2011, after seeing model Jose Parra sporting one in the Sexy Santa & the Andrew Christian Doll Factory video with one of the earlier versions of the Andrew Christian Action Boxer. Needless to say, the Shock Jock Active Shaping Tech w/ Male Features works best with any fitted underwear, either with or without an additional pocket in the front pouch of your underwear (re: the Shock Jock tech in some Andrew Christian designs). Embarrassingly, I literally just found out the best way to apply the cup in with your junk (no one seems to discuss that part of it). I used to put the cup in first and then arrange my junk around everything else. A better way is to cup the Shock Jock Active Shaping Tech w/ Male Features onto your shaft first and then tuck everything into the pouch of your underwear. If you are using the one with the Male Features, you can just line up your shaft with the shape of the Male Features, and voila!

As for the additional perk, I am circumcised with a very sensitive glans, and any underwear with a front seam is very abrasive against the skin. The Shock Jock Active Shaping Tech w/ Male Features is an excellent soft buffer between any abrasive inner seams and my junk.

If I had one critique about this item, it would be the corners of the straight edge on the bottom. When wearing the cup, the corners can create some odd shapes down there that ruin the overall illusion. This is of course only a potential issue if you are not planning on wearing pants or shorts over your underwear.

Overall, it is a fun little item to have that can visually add some extra bulge in your pants in addition to whatever you were born with. I would not recommend using it if you plan on ultimately undressing and getting intimate with someone, as that could create a very awkward scene since this is essentially a male junk falsie.
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Hi Wich boxers or briefs can I use with bulge pad


Does it also come in white?


How do I take care of this item? For instance how do I wash it? And can it be used with swimwear?



how big is it in length and width? Is it the same as the padding in the underwear with "show it"?


Locked it come in different sizes


Hi I would like to purchase the shock jock active shaping w male features, but when I add in to chat , it's fail to do so why? Also I try to register and it's fail again why? 



What underwear can I use it with 


Hi, How big is this? Length, width and depth please. Thank


Estoy interesado en este producto, soy de Guatemala y necesito saber cuanto debo pagar por el envío. Gracias


How thick is de foam? I will definitely buy it if it is thick  


Can I wear this cup with underwear that has the Show-it tech? Will it fit?


is this to increase growth or to fake that you have a large package 


How do you place this; just put it into your underwear?


It looks nice but I would like to know WHO it is molded after that I would like to see


Is that price correct?  $50 for a piece of foam?


Is that price correct?  $50 for a piece of foam?


Is This Item Available? I do not see an add to cart or order button


Really ... 49.95 for this or is this price an error 


can you please specify which model underwear are compatible with thw shock jock active shaping tech.  From the catalog I cant tell which model underwear has the cut out for this.  


i want to ask that you wear this underwear i mean  shock jock flirt brief under formal pant, than but is the result. i want somthing appropriate for formal pants. is it can be delivered to india also? thanks.


How does the product "wear"?  Is your junk mashed up/smashed down behind it or does  it fit inside it?  Would it actually work while swimming or would you be uncomfortable? Can you move or play beach volleyball in it?


What actually is the point of the Shock Jock Active Shaper?


Is it possible to make the the Shock Jock in a Skin Colour? I would think the current black colour would show through in light coloured underwear (e.g. white). A good product but the black would look fake in lighter colours!


What is the use of these shapping cups? Im a gogo dancer, would this help me out while dancig?


Can the cup be used in any underwear or swin suit ? Does it need a pocket to fit into ? Is this like a jock hard cup ? Will it stay in place ? This style should also come in white ! Do your models wear this ?


If you don't have anymore this time then why you stil have it posting from your website? Because I thy to add it to my card so I can  p charge  but it dosi'nt alow me???

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