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Shock Jock foam rounded shape cup pad helps protect and adds extra inches to your underwear or swimwear pouch. Soft comfortable foam moves with your body during any activity.
  • Limited Edition...This Style Will Never Be Made Again
  • Show-off You're An Andrew Christian Man
  • Soft Comfortable Foam Moves With Body
  • Designed In The Andrew Christian Design Studio In Los Angeles, California
Style: 8063
Release Date: Mar 12, 2015

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Customer Reviews

Great look, comfort and value!

by Jim - 6/13/2018
I live absolutely everything about both versions of the shock jock pads. Love ‘em!

Awesome Purchase

by DrJoeS - 2/11/2018
Looks great. Feels great. Gives a little added confidence in the way you look. If you feel sexier, you are sexier.

Better than the added "male features" version

by Ian - 8/15/2017
Like the other cup with "male features" this was purchased on a whim. Despite this, I've found more uses for this over the other version.

As this cup is ever so slightly smaller than the other version it can move around a bit more. I happened to wear one to work the other day and found after the end of my shift that it had sort of become a little uncomfortable and had shifted to the right - I was wear one of the "Show-It" AC underwear varieties at the time.

Despite this, it certainly fulfills its goal and provides some decent padding for the occasion when I do accidentally knock into something. Is it great for this? Probably not, but in an office environment, I don't foresee the need for anything more robust.

Furthermore, it seems, at least to me, that it accentuates the bulge a bit more under clothing and has fewer issues with the edges showing through underwear when wearing underwear alone.
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How do i best clean these?


What material is the cup made out of ?


I have the shock jock cup and love it...... But a few weeks ago I saw something else that you could wear to make you look bigger in your underwear and swimsuit. It was make out of black material and I can't find it. Please help me? 


What's the size of the pad? Width and length. Thanks


GOODDAY, i have send already this question! I want to buy the pads for in the front, but which boxer I can easily install? So which Brief boxer or boxer has a entrance for the pads Easily?

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