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Style: video-TWERK101
Release Date: Jan 26, 2015

As classes resume this year, there is one course in particular you might want to enroll in: TWERK 101. With instructor Pablo Hernandez, you'll learn the beginning TWERK moves that have become synonymous with pop culture today! Watch as he teaches his students Cheddy O, Rocky Santos, Jonny Manzanares, and Steven Andrade the Basic Bitch, Wall, Floor, and Table TWERK. Who knows, if you pass you might get to enroll in TWERK 201 next semester and show off your moves on the dance floor tonight!

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Directors: Erica Dorsey, Will Schoenfeld
Editor: Will Schoenfeld
Stylist and Promo Photographer: Erica Dorsey

"Bouncin Flow Loop" By Royal_Tea_Music. Envato. "Downtown Trap" by Artlss. Envato. "Disco Madness" by Ghost Team. Envato. "Happy Indie Pop" by Zineb_Chraibi. Envato. "Gimme Dat Bass" By Ah2/Getty Images
Pablo Hernandez, Cheddy Oakafor, Rocky Santos, Steven Andrade, Jonny Manzanares
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