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Gift yourself with a new pair of underwear each month... You deserve it!

Designer Andrew Christian will hand select his favorite underwear from our broad range of different fits, colors, and looks just for our club members. You will always have the best underwear drawer in town...for only $15.49 per month...that's up to $10 Off the normal brief/boxer category retail price. Retail price is approximate and varies depending on items selected each month.

Oh! Almost forgot...We've taken this even higher...Get a FREE pair of underwear the first month when you subscribe! What are you waiting for?

Andrew Christian uses the softest fabric and the highest quality elastic, including our Ultra Slimming Elastic, to create a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience. Andrew Christian underwear virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing.

All underwear is designed in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

(Jocks, thongs & novelty underwear styles are not included in this club. Check out our Jock of the Month Club and/or the Sexy & Provocative club)

NOTES: The first shipment will be made on the date selected on the calendar, following shipments will be charged on a monthly basis to the credit card used to place the order on that same day each month. Shipments will continue until canceled. This style is not eligible for purchase with sale or discount codes. The FREE sign-up bonus is for the 1st month only, limit one free pair of underwear per customer with more than one subscription. The free sign-up bonus does NOT apply to re-subscriptions.

Underwear of the Month selection for:

OCTOBER 2020: 91684 Primary Stripe Brief w/ Almost Naked, White/Black Stripe

Past Selections:

September 2020: 91669 Almost Naked Retro Mesh Boxer, Red/Electric Blue
August 2020: 91643 Show-It Brief, Navy
July 2020: 91620 Fly Tagless Brief w/ Almost Naked, Black
Style: sub-briefandboxerclub

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Customer Reviews

Styles are good but fit is hit or miss

by Juleus - 10/17/2020
I like the undies but the fit can be a problem. It usually fits around my waist fine but not around my thighs causing it to squeeze me more. It just some of them have a good fit but some don't.


by Carl - 10/13/2020
Most comfy undies you'll ever own. Makes your bulge look awesome in your pants.

Good value if you don't mind rolling the dice with styles

by Mac - 10/12/2020
All four pairs I've received before look and feel sexy. Would I have actively CHOSEN three of the four styles? Definitely not. But do I like them all? Hell yeah. It's working out to be better value than I anticipated to be honest.
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How do I temporarily cancel my monthly subscription?


If i order a subscription like chic and sophisticated can i get only briefs since those are all i wear or do boxers come with them as well


I was wondering do you have a boxer/ boxer brief of the month. Love the undies and jocks. Nice fit and comfortable. But I’m more of the boxer/ boxer brief kinda guy. I’m sure there’s probably something, but I may have over looked it.


If you add boxers to the underwear of the month, can we choose to have briefs instead?


I do find this club very BRIEF centred. Will there be more Boxer styles coming down the line?


What day of the month are UOTM subsriptions mailed out?


there is no wheres to CANCEL the subscription. I want to no longer have it


I’m just looking for clarification of what’s included in the subscription.


If you got Chic and Sophisticated for example, could your extra pair of free underwear for the first month be a jock, thong, etc?


With the first month Underwear of the Month subscription, does the random free pair of underwear include ALL underwear? (jocks, etc)


What if I don’t like the underwear that you send


How do I change my size. I would like to get a small and a medium. I’m currently receiving both small size.


for this subscription,does the shipping cost already included in the cost for every month?


If the shipping cost is not included on the subscription, how are you going to ship the product? Will I be able to add another items to the package or select the shipping method?


How do i unsubscribe to Underwear Of The Month Club Subscription??? help!


Will I receive my free second pair of underwear separately, or was it supposed to be included in the same packaging with the first pair? I only got one pair when I received my shipment today


I only wear Boxer briefs/ Boxers. Do you have a subscription specific to my needs.


What does the monthly membership actually mean and come with?


Is the shipping cost included or is it separate?


Does the monthly charge include a pair of underwear?


How does shipping to Canada work? Does it come from the US and would there be duty on it if its under $20?


How do I cancel if I want to cancel my jock of the month subscription 


I asked a similar question on the Mystery Underwear product page. The mystery underwear I could receive from this is out of stock in the medium size. How is that possible? If it's randomly selected, how, out of all the inventory, is it out of stock?


Hey, I was wanting to know how these monthly packages were shipped out. Like, is it discrete or flashy packaging?


I did not see how much the monthly subscription price is? Is it separate from the price of the underwear?


Please unsubscribe me from Underwear of the mth. club.

Reason Too Small.


I was wondering if I'll get two pairs of underwear every month or just for the first month with the promotion


With the promo do you get two pairs every month or just two for the first month


I am interested in this monthly deal, but when I get to the free gift of mystery underwear drop down box I can only select XS, S, or XL. I am a medium and indicated as such when I added the underwear to the cart. Can I get a Medium free mystery pair gift?


Hi! Is there an email or notification that can be sent to the recipient that would announce the gift/undie of the month subscription? 
Thanks for your reply. 


The first month, with the current promo, you get two pair of underwear for %50 off the 13.49?


How do I cancel my subscription to the underwear of the month club


When will this offer of 1st month 50%off + additional free pair of underwear end?


Do I get to choose whether I receive boxer briefs or briefs? 


How many pairs of Underwear do i get a month?


How can i cancel my jock of the month subscription and how can i tell if im still subscribed At the moment there is no indicator as to whether or not im still signed up for either the jock of the month or the underwear of the month club


How long are you obligated to continue subscribing to the underwear club?  How do you cancel if you want to?


What types of undies can i expect?


Hello! I know it was already answered that the recurring charge is $13.49 a month but just to be clear does that include the price of shipping? Thanks for your help!


It's 13.49 a month? 


Do you still have the yearly underwear of the month club that I had for 2 years??

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