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Uriel Ramirez

URIEL RAMIREZ: Sexy Sweet Smile

#TeamUriel/Model/TrophyBoy/Animal Lover - Official Andrew Christian Model

Style: model-UrielRamirez

The most beautiful model in your collection!

by urs2use - 8/27/2016
He has the perfect body and fantizies about being totally naked with him and using my lips, tongue and mouth to savor his WHOLE body from head to toes...not to mention the beautiful hairy butt that would be so delicious to savor and those kissable lips and sexy beautiful eyes..he could have his total way with me and more. Would love to see him in a video for Dick Measuring 102! Can't get enough of him!

A Great Representative for a Great Company!!

by JeffC - 6/9/2016
We had the great pleasure of hiring Uriel Ramirez for two different events in Denver promoting our store Pleasures @ The Park, and couldn't be more thrilled with Uriel. Not complicated, wonderful personality, extremely easy to work with and most of all no attitude and a TON of FUN! Lots of laughs were had and we accomplished what we wanted to by hiring Uriel. Would not hesitate to hire him again in the future. He does Andrew Christian proud.

Great Experience

by a4fter - 4/24/2016
I got a AC brief boxer and I am completely comfortable with my chose, make me feel sexy and confident


by hmph - 1/15/2016
Uriel is your new secret weapon. It is nice to see a beefier guy on the website, and he looks really sweet. Let's get that bubble booty poppin in some ads.


by LV2B runningBARE db - 12/31/2015
You have so many sexy models it's impossible to choose, but how have I missed this Sex BOMB, not normally into hairy guys (Pabs is an exception), but Uriel just exudes SEX, actually the hairy patch on his chest adds to his sex appeal. Really gets me sooo ''excited '' I just have to go 'work it off' .......every time. Would LOVE to have him sliding all over my body, naked (him & me both!) ooooh yes. Want to see more of him, 'barebutt' would be nice.

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