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Posted Apr 2, 2017

Video: MASSIVE Collection 2017

Models: Andrew Christian, Arad, Topher Dimaggio, Cory Z., Jorge Orlando, Nick Mascardo, James Gao, Corey Hayes, Lucas Barge, Trey Chic, Milan Christopher, Cirio Arman, Jacob Ford, Austin Watie, Cory Lee, Patrik Gallineaux

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor : Erica Dorsey

Description:  Welcome To Massive 2017! This is one party that will have you on the edge of your seats, and leave you craving for more.



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Flip Image New MASSIVE COLLECTION  2017 View
Style: video-massive
Flip Image New Are You Hung Enough? View
Style: video-Are You Hung Enough
Style: video-boys-will-be-toys
Style: video-sex-zombies
Style: video-ranch-hands
Style: video-sexy-fukrs
Style: video-happy-pride-breaking-free
Style: video-good-boys-bad-things
Style: video-feel-my-vibe
Style: video-are-u-ready
Style: video-liquid-dreams
Style: video-holiday-rock
Style: video-full-upgrade-to-black
Style: video-licensetochill
Style: video-thecoronation
Style: video-LetTheGamesBegin
Style: video-pride2015

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