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World Un-Cupped

Style: video-worlduncupped
Release Date: Jun 18, 2014
Since people love the World Cup so much we thought that our fans would love the World Un-Cupped even more.  If sporting teams actually took off their cups and put on our new Andrew Christian C-Ring brief (the one with the hole where the pouch should be) sports would be a whole lot more interesting!
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Written and Directed by: Jeff White
Assistant Director/Editor: Will Schoenfeld
Stylist and Promo Photographer: Erica Dorsey
Assistant Editor: Christian Dean
Production Assistants: Danny Katz
Sponsored by:
Twerk Underwear...for guys who have a fine ASS!
Trophy Boy Underwear...for guys that are HUNG!

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Grind On" By Mista (Latex)
Designer Andrew Christian, Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Diego Sans, Cheddy Oakafor, Rocky Santos, Jonny Manzanares
Also Featuring:
Diego Sans (Our Brazilian Bomb Shell), Rocky Santos, Robbie Carroll And Jonnie Manzanares (Our Champion Pole Dancer...Yep...They Have Competitions For This)
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