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Clients Say

"I bought this a week ago, and I am happy I did! Both jockstraps (black and blue) look really sexy, good materials, nice colors... happy with the purchase!"


"Love the look and the design. Not too flashy but a bit of style. What i like most about it is that it gives room for my junk."


"Fit great and looks amazing!! So glad I ordered them!!"


"I love AC underwear and these are by far my favorite. They really do feel like you're wearing nothing at all."


"This underwear has given me my best new butt selfie for dating apps. I love it!!"


"Bought this as soon as it came out love the feel and the form. Almost similar to the Black collection"


"Hi just got a few pair of the show it thong jock in the mail..I was so ecstatic to get them on.awesome sexy formal comfortable...muah..ty"


"Love how the brief looks and feels. Its simple and comfortable. What i like most about it is that it has a cool feature that gives room for my junk but also makes it stand out. Would totally buy more."


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