Article by Ben Haynes

Browsing through the various selections in Andrew Christian’s underwear store is always a treat. There’s nothing like the experience of trying on a sexy pair of underwear and loving how it looks on you. With countless styles and fits, there’s something to make everyone feel like a god (or a queen, whatever fits).

One style you may have glossed over is the singlet. It’s hard to imagine getting a lot of use out of these but trust me when I say you need to get one (or several) if you haven’t already. If you are reluctant or unsure of how to find appreciation for these sexy choices, here’s how we suggest breaking that apprehension.

Find the Right Pattern and Style

Like shopping for the perfect pair of briefs or the sexiest jockstrap, the pattern matters! Browse through the countless fun and sexy prints and patterns on sale. Whether you’re shopping online or in your local underwear store, you will surely find a few selections that will make the boys drool when they see you.

In addition to patterns, singlets come in several different styles. Some have two straps, whereas others have only one. Some cover the dick but act as a jockstrap, exposing your ass. Some act as a thong. Some fully expose the dick to whoever should be lucky enough to see. Some singlets try to emulate leather, whereas others are just made for fun.

Play around with the selection available and find one (or a couple) that makes you feel sexy!

Strut in Front of the Mirror

When you finally get home with your new singlet, clear your schedule! It would be best if you had time to get cozy with your latest underwear. I advise putting on music that makes you feel sexy or want to dance. Or both?

As the music plays, put on your singlet and check yourself out in the mirror. Take in every angle. Bend over and take in the sight of your ass. Thrust your hips forward and enjoy how great your dick looks in your new favorite garment. Play around with the placement of the straps to accentuate your chest. Be playful and love the way you look in your singlet!

Pick the Perfect Event to Show it Off

You’ve spent time in the mirror checking yourself out (and maybe invited a guy or two over to share the sight). Now, it’s time to find the right place to show the world how you look in this singlet.

Are any underwear parties coming up at your local gay bar? You better be there! Is there a gear party scheduled, but you’ve flaked on purchasing a new harness? Who cares? Wear your singlet to the event instead! Pride parties, house parties, events, etc., learn to love your singlet and show everyone else why they must get one, too!

It’s also never a bad idea to surprise your hookup with the sight of you in a singlet before you get down to business…