Article written by Maya Vukovska

Remember Rom Schneider as Deuce Bigalow, the male gigolo? How can you not?! Although the average aquarium cleaner was a lame gigolo, he sure knew deluxe events were part of the job. The latter is very often the reason why some handsome looking guys decide to go for male-whoring. A big percentage of them see only female clients. Then, we have gigolos who do both men and women. The third category is the indoor sex workers who prefer only gay assignments. The market of gay sex services is growing larger. Since its emergence, the internet has turned more and more male sex workers away from the streets to place them behind the laptops in the coziness of their city apartments from where they now run the business. Just as any other profession, this too has its pros and cons, of which you should be aware in advance. If, of course, you’ve firmly decided to do some whoring for spare cash…

PRO: The no-strings-attached sex

If you yourself are not into dating, fidelity, sunsets on the beach, and let’s-have-a-dog-together requests, then this is the perfect job for you! A client is not usually interested in seriously dating someone he’s paying for sex. Of course, there’s always a chance that a client sees other assets of your personality beside your $300 ass, and fall in love with you, but this type of Pretty Woman scenario is not as common in real life as you may think. Besides, most clients are in relationships, which they can’t or won’t leave even for the hottest piece of ass.

CON: The weirdos

People will hire you for various reasons. The majority of clients are at the point in their lives when they’re not getting enough sex or companionship, or either. These clients are, as a rule, safe and kind. There will be guys who’ll order you just because they want to tick it off their “bucket list”. These can be diligent husbands and loving fathers, or some bored 60-something gay couples who for once want to try a threesome. The kinky clients are not a rarity. Some of them have a particular fantasy they are not able to fulfill with their regular partners. Example: your client fantasizes he’s a dying alien who needs your earthling sperm in order to survive. He may also use some elaborated “alien device” to milk your dick over and over again. Beside being crazy, this can also be painful and exhausting. What I mean is that the situation can always go a little (or a lot!) off-script.

PRO: The money

Yes, the money is insane. Especially if you are an elite male escort. But also non-professional college kids can get pretty well paid if they hit the right target group. They can be hired to do nude housekeeping, for example, and rich gay men are willing to pay up to $100 per hour just to watch those half-naked kids clean their pools, or dust off their precious Chinese vases. But when it comes to the real thing, the prices rise and can reach $3000 for a session and a sleepover. In such cases, of course, you don’t have to clean a damn thing in your sponsor’s apartment!

CON: The social shaming

No matter how satisfying and financially rewarding this job can be, there’s always one haunting question that makes it less appealing. What if my family (and family circle) finds out about that? Although sex workers in general are said to perform a valuable community service, there are still a lot of prejudices in society about the nature of their work. The stigma of those delivering sex for money comes with a high cost. And it’s even more intense and complicated for gay gigolos. Coming out as homosexual to your family and friends can be enough stressful to begin with, and what to say about further spicing up the news by saying what you do for a living. For sure your mama has never visualized such a life for you!

PRO: The prospects

The sex industry is huge right now, and there’s a zero chance it’ll go down in the future. Fortunes are being made. Let’s say you’ve already had your fair share of whoring. You’ve been wise and thrifty through the years, and now you have the funds and the know-how to start your own escort agency. After all, why be the worker when you can be the boss? At this point of your career, your hard-working ass can finally retire, and you can hire other asses to do the job for you.

CON: The dick failure

We finally came to the tricky part. You have sex for money, and the essence of the job is pretty much the same as making burgers for whoever orders them. That’s why you are expected not to turn down clients just because you find them unappealing. It’s a way easier for female sex workers to fake it. But what would a gay gigolo do if he can’t get his dick hard for a fat old queen? Exactly - nothing much.