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Article by Sam Machado

When you're fooling around with your lover, you both might get the urge to head down to each other's "lower regions"—sometimes it's the one"back there." Taking a tongue in the bum can be one of the most intriguing experiences although it's not everybody's forte. Some guys find it discomforting, weird or just plain gross. But others can't get enough of them. Here are some interesting facts about rimjobs that can give you some thought on your next sexcapade.

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Different tongue motions

There are plenty of ways the tongue makes the hole feel pleasurable. A great way to get started is by going slowly with gentle licks and then going at it with more force. It also helps to move the flat surface of the tongue up and down for a while. Once you've created sensual motion, then you want to start using the tip of the tongue. And you will treat your partner well if both of you are really into it.

Use your lips

It's not just about the tongue. Lips also play a great role in a rimjob. Think of your mouth like a suction cup and let some breath out to give the hole more pleasure. But one part of your mouth that should never, ever touch the hole is the teeth. The anus is very sensitive to that and teeth will only cause damage down there.

Cleaning products

Hygiene is one of the most obvious roles in having a pleasurable rimjob experience. While it's important to use soap when bathing, it also helps to take off the shower head and move it closer to the bum for a more thorough cleaning. There are also some other helpful cleaning products like Zum Zum Bum and the butt scrubber.

Dental dams

These can be a godsend because not only can these help the stimulation on the anus, but they're also great for helping prevent STI's. Also, if you're cautious about putting your tongue on a man's hole, then a dental dam will give your tongue protection from anything that might seem distasteful.

Bad rimjobs vs. Good rimjobs

There are a lot of things that can feel awkward about rimjobs--stenches, fecal problems or physical discomfort. But when the timing is right, it's likely that a bad rimjob won't exist for you. Sometimes it's not your thing and that's okay. Everyone is different and it's about finding the right way to make sure every guy is having a good time whether it's a one-hour long rimming session or no rimjob at all. But one of the most important ways to have a great rimjob is to be in the right mood for it. Feeling stressful can make the situation uncomfortable and the experience won't be fun. But with proper communication, an open mind and keeping it clean down there, you're in for something exciting.

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