Article written by Sam Machado

There's something so freaking hot about a gay club. It's just so different than all the other ways to meet hot guys. The environment of a club is nothing compared to a sleazy online hookup or a mutual friend from work. Club tension is so...spectacularly sexy.

Maybe it's the mystery of it all. Going to a club can end in so many ways. You could meet a handsome stranger there who will give you a night to remember at his apartment. You could meet a group of guys and join in for one wild orgy. You could suck a dick right outside the club and then go right back inside to get your dance on. Or, maybe nothing will happen- you could walk in, have a few drinks, bust some moves, and be home by 11. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Here's another thing- in our daily routines, we go to work, come home, watch TV, read, have dinner, see friends, and all that good stuff. But it all gets so mundane. Life doesn't present a lot of opportunities to feel wild and sexy. But in a club environment, you leave that routine behind and turn into the beast you've always known you were. And all the other sexy beasts at the club are right there with you.

The moment when you're partying and you catch eyes with a hot guy in the distance- it's incredibly intriguing. It's almost like there's no need to fuck. The way to your heart (or, in this case, your dick) is more than fucking. Sometimes it's the "look" that says, "Let's fuck."

When you dance with him, you can make each other feel so hot by groping and grinding. Then when he turns and grinds his ass against your dick, how can you not pre-cum right there? Then when you gradually make your lips over to his, it turns into a heavy makeout session. And if all goes well, he'll head over to your place or maybe you'll just do him in the car.

So why do gay clubs always have such amazing sexual tension? Perhaps, it's because you get to experience the act of sex without actually having sex (at least not yet). A guy gives you the "look," then you make out out with him, feel his ass grind on you, and...if no one is looking, you might put your hand down his jeans to see how much fun he's REALLY having. Spending all that time pre-heating the oven before putting in the turkey calls for a hell of a time.

So party on, my babes. Party on.