For “Puta” Vallarta’s gay pride spree, Andrew’s A-List is where to be.
With spots that are hot, And vibes that won’t stop, It’s the pride of the LGBTQ+ that are free!

Best Strip Club

In PV, the club’s all the rave, Where strippers entice and misbehave.
But with shows that amaze, They dance through the haze,
At 69 Strip Club, they’re so brave!

Best Naked Pool Party

At Casa Cupula, Saturdays are grand, Naked pool parties, oh so unplanned.
With gogo boys in sight, And tourists taking flight,
It’s a splashy affair in the land!

Best Bathhouse

Spartacus the bathhouse where secrets reside, Tourists and locals seek to confide.
After work or late night, In the dark, out of sight,
Desires fulfilled, passions collide!

Best Locals Bar

At La Noche, the locals all flock, For drag shows that truly rock.
Upstairs, a terrace so grand, With tourists and locals hand in hand,
And at midnight, the strippers unlock!

Best Dance meet young local boys

At CC Slaughters, the dance floor’s alive, Where locals in droves come to jive.
With Drag Race in the air, And cervezas to share,
It’s where young hearts and rhythms thrive!

At Paco’s Ranch, late night delight, Where drag queens twirl in the moon’s soft light.
With dancers so fine, It’s a captivating time, For Spanish practice, it’s just right!

Best Cocktail /Mixology Lounge

At The Corner Bar, where the drinks flow, Shirtless bartenders put on a show.
With cocktails so fine, It’s a mixology shrine,
Where old men flirt and the vibes don't blow!

Best Intimate Beach Club

At Sapphire, the beach club so grand, With hot boys and hot beach, take a stand.
The food’s simply divine, Your taste buds entwine,
For an intimate escape, there are no shitty times here,
Just laughter and cheer,
Where pleasure and joy are combined!

Best Bear Bar

At One Six One, where bears convene, Upscale vibes and drinks fit for a queen.
For tourists in the know, It’s the place bears go,
Where luxury meets the bear scene!

Best Up-Scale Locals Table Service Lounge with DJs

At Code, where the elite come to play, Upscale lounging in the night’s sway.
Rich Mexicans unite, In the neon-lit light,
Where the music’s so loud, it’s a fray!

Best 2-for-1 Happy Hour Drinks

At the Pinnacle, the pool bar’s a delight, From five to seven, it’s a sight.
With drinks two for one, Old men and tourists have fun,
Rich wallets, but budgets kept tight!

Best Restaurant

At La Palapa, by the beach’s sweet song, An amazing experience, all day long.
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner’s embrace, Make reservations, to find your place.
Where the waves and flavors belong!

Best Tour

Join Diana Boat Tours for gay fun, On waves, the party’s just begun.
With booze aplenty to sip, And friendships to equip,
It’s a long day of boozing under the sun!

May 06, 2024 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Gay Culture