Article Written By Eris Chase  

So, you’re thinking of dipping out of your 9-5 and into the world of digital creation,  aka camming? But, you’re wondering, “Is this a good plot twist for my self worth?” My  internal vibes?? Am I going to grow or shrink under the ring lights?? Well, we love  some publicly consumable sexy expression, so, we say, it absolutely can be good for  your self esteem, your vibe, your growth! Here are 5 ways that come right from our  heart to yours on why the world of the cam can build you up to new highs!  

1. You’ve Always Been Pretty, Baby  

This is by far and away the number one takeaway on camming being a source of self  confidence boost - the way you see yourself in a new and positive light. You think  you’re not exactly the good looking type, wrong. For every spot on your body that  you perceive as a flaw, there is someone ready, willing and desperate to worship it.  That scatter of freckles across your shoulders? Fire! Mole in the shape of Norway on  your inner thigh? Someone can not wait to map it. Whatever you have yourself  believing to be a negative is someones ideal dream come true!  

2. To Thine Own Self Be True  

Think your kink, quirk, interest isn’t shared by anyone else??? Gurl, nope. Trust. This is  your chance to express your truest carnal desires. No one talks as dirty as you do,  share it. You have a master level shibari game? Give a how to. Whatever makes you  EXACTLY you, share that. Don’t try and be anything other than authentic. Fans will find  you and encourage your unique “you-ness”. How good would that validation feel??  

3. Byyeeee Sunday Night Scaries  

We’ve all felt them - the end of an epic weekend comes, it’s Sunday night and out of  nowhere your stomach tightens at the thought of going back to “the grind” the next  morning. No more. As a content creator, when you create is entirely up to you.  Imagine the lack of traffic as you stroll to your laptop to engage with you audience  from the comfort of your own home. No more kissing ass to the middle of a corporate  hamster wheel of broken dreams and an ever expanding waistline. Nope, you’re your  own boss now, hunny bunny. The only ass you’re kissing is your co-stars.. or, better  yet, let them kiss yours! New life bliss overload!! 

4. The World Truly Becomes a Candy Shop  

This tip came right from one of our besties in Palm Springs, Daddy Patrick. You can  literally ask the hottest of scorching babes to collaborate with you. Bruh’s you’d never  have the courage to approach in real life, before you were the darling of the camming  world, suddenly become totally approachable. And, even better, you will find them  reaching out to you. Talk about a boost? Imagine a little DM from Derek Kage asking  when you’re available? Beau Butler desiring to shake those cakes just for you?? Pretty  sure that self esteem meter will be going up, yes??  

5. Release Your Sexual Potency  

I mean, is there anything better than watching how fucking hot you are when you  cum? You didn’t know it, did you? Never realized your rimming skills put you in the  top 1%? Well, now you will. There is some sexual skill you have that is up there with  the best of the best; unleash it for your fans to fantasize to. Nothing feels better for  the mind, body and spirit than a proper orgasmic release, show yours off. Feeling that  power and potency slide through your body, then capturing it… so much yes to the  confidence boost when you rewatch!  

Those are our five favorite self esteem booster you could gain from your sexy new  camming life! Get out there. Roll out your page, make some spicy vids, collaborate  with the biggest in the biz, and say goodbye to the daily clock punch. We think your  self worth will soar being the master of your own destiny…. And, low key… don’t  forget to send us the link too your page. We do love to watch! 

May 07, 2024 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles