Article written by Eris Chase

Well, well, well, someone decided to join the party a little later than expected. Did you just  swing the closet doors open with the arrival of the first *gasp* gray hair? Did you let a few  unsettled decades pass before deep-diving into your heart's true desires? Well, we have one  thing to say to you; Welcome to the world, Baby Gay!! We are so excited you came out!!! Yea,  YOU!! It’s always a little scary, especially late in life. But, don’t worry, we are here for you. Here  is a little help to ease you into your evolving life with 7 tips for the freshly out! Enjoy,  beautiful!!  

Pop the Cork and Celebrate  

You did it, babe!! You found the courage to be you! So break out the champagne, throw a  handful of glitter in the air… actually, don’t throw glitter; that stuff gets everywhere. The stars  will blink out of existence before you get that out of the floorboards… let’s try again…  ehhem… Break out the champagne, throw a handful of confetti in the air, and relish in your  strength of purpose. Not everyone can do what you did; be proud and treat it like the  milestone it is. Self-congratulatory high five and all!  

Spread the Word  

Share the new you with those you love! Get with your ride or dies, your biggest supporters,  your truest of trues, and fill them in. Don’t be shocked if they have already been on the edge  of their seats, for like FOREVER, just waiting for you to saunter your way out. They may have  known long before you were ready to speak up! Conversely, brace your sweet gentle heart,  you may come across a few in your circle who decide not to share your excitement. Believe  us, it will be ok. Promise. You living your best self at any age makes the world a brighter place!  

Find your Gays  

This is where coming out later in life is a fantastic advantage. You probably have a whole host  of interests that will help you connect to your new peer group. Are you deep into the hiking/ backpacking scene? Car karaoke Broadway diva in training? Love to go on cruises and travel?  Could you chat for days online about books happily? Super into volunteering? Animal  rescue? Scuba diving? Paper airplane building?? The list is endless for organizations,  meetups, and outings in the LGBTQIA+ community for whatever you fancy. Reach out and  join a few!  

Express Yourself  

What will your vibe be? Do you want a partner? Several? More than several?? Do you want a  new style to go along with the out you? Have sequins always secretly been a dream to swath  yourself in? Or, what about a flannel and a high-laced combat boot? Maybe a new home city 

beckons you? Palm Springs? Provincetown? Amsterdam? Puerto Vallarta? Whatever it is, you  cannonballed into the out pool, take some time to personalize and accessorize your new you.

Get Your Learn On  

Knowledge is a very powerful thing while you wander the rainbow brick road of life. There are  a plethora of issues unique to the LGBTQIA+ community. Get some facts, especially  concerning new laws and regulations in your community. Brush up on your gays through the  ages history. Attend a Pride event or two, and learn how to lift your voice in a way that suits  you!

You’re Going to Freak Out  

You will experience a few “OMG, Gurl, nnnnoooooooo! What did I do??? I should have stayed  in!!” moments. No worries! Totally normal reaction. Change always comes with a few bumps.  Give yourself grace and time to adjust. Think of it like learning to walk in towering stilettos;  you’re going to wind up face down in the dip at least once or twice. Just scrape yourself up,  dust off, do a dramatic hair flip, and get on.

Love Yourself  

Be head over heels for yourself! You’ve had a full life, but, you’re still a work in progress.  Embrace it with love. Whether you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, or  anywhere else on the rainbow spectrum, your identity is valid, beautiful, and worthy of being  at ease with. Practice self-care, be soft with your heart and remember to save some of that  love that you so easily share with those around you for yourself. You deserve it, sweetness.  

This is it, Baby Gay, you’re on your way!! It took you a little longer to arrive, but you are so very  here. Get out there and revel in the freedom of living authentically in your true identity. Shine  your inner light bright, bold and proud! Let the world bask in all that you are.

April 04, 2024 — Andrew Christian
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