Article Written by Eris Chase  

Has all your sizzle fizzled in the bedroom? Is there more spice in a piece of boiled chicken  breast than in your house? Have you gone from sex dawn to dusk to maybe you get a  sympathy blowie on your birthday? Are you almost out of hope that you and your beloved  will ever get back what you’ve lost?? Well, sweetness, read along as we give you 7 extra  naughty tips on reviving your dead bedroom.  

Talk All Kinds of Filthy Trash  

Bring out that viper tongue and spin filthy sweet everything into your darling’s ear. We don’t  mean some vanilla charm bracelet version either. We are talking down and dirty - make you  spread your legs and near spill your load from visualizing those words becoming reality - filth.  Oh, and, once you’re done talking…. Go on and make it their reality.  

Switch Roles  

Maybe you just aren’t giving your partner what they want and desperately need from you? Let  them show you. You’re always the top? Not tonight. Tonight you offer up your tight little hole  for your partner to show you exactly how they need to be fucked. Whatever role you usually  take in your sexcapades, offer it up to your partner, see if you can get a spark lit.  

Try a Little Someone New  

Threesomes never go out of style, maybe you’d like to give it a try? If you’re into it, bring it up  with your partner. They could be having the same carnal cravings as you for some stranger in  the bed time. Who knows, it could turn into something more and you may find yourself in an  extra steamy thrupple.  

Foreplay the Extended Directors Cut  

This is our favorite… How about offering up an endless rim job, hmmm? The kind that has  them squirming and writhing in ecstasy with each tongue stroke, except this one has no time  limit. What about a marathon make out session that leaves you both with bruised and  battered lips? Edging a blowjob until they are speaking in tongues? Whatever they choose, make it totally up to them when they have had enough and want to move onto the main  event.  

Take it to the Club  

A location change could be what you both need. Leave the house and head to the local sex  club. Get voyeuristic and, hopefully, highly turned on watching all the eye candy popping off  in the main lounge, or take in a few scenes deeper in the club. Once you’re both overheated,  rent a private room for a few hours and see where your evening takes you.  

Extreme Indulgent Touching  

Make over your bed into a sensory overload chamber. Silk sheets, silk bondage ties, feathers,  heated massage oils, deep rich scented candles, dim lights… then offer your partner an  evening full of erotic touch. Trace every curve and contour their body in gentle tickling  pleasure until they are salivating and begging for your cock.  

There is Life Outside  

Nothing like a fine afternoon of exhibitionism with the thrill of possibly getting caught to  bring back some heat! Head to the local outdoor hook up spot, and, ya know, hook up. No  local spot you know of? Think out of the way hillsides, forests, trails, beaches, etc…  everywhere has a place to experience nature in all her glory while you’re getting the cum  milked out of you! Find yours and bring your partner on a literal thrill ride.  

Alright, sweetie babes, those were our favorite spicy tips to get the fires relit in your dead  bedroom! Get that partner of yours and throw out some options to revive and revitalize. We  love nothing more than to see you both heavy lidded, lust drunk and vibrating with quenched  desires! 

April 24, 2024 — Andrew Christian
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